Should age of consent law be abolish in all 50 state of USA

Posted by: ghostrecon

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No,age of consent should not be abolish because it meant to protect children from adult who prey on them.

By abolish age of consent open the door for sexual predator to legally prey on young children.We don´t want to legalize pedophilia and child molestation.Children are not physically nor mentally mature to engage in sexual relationship and they should...  be protected from all kind of abuse   more
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Yes,because teen are sexual active at early age and some of them can make informed decision in sex.The law is apparently ineffective now aday.

Age of consent law is ineffective and unnecessary now aday because many young teenager will have sex anyway regardless of the sexual age limit.Sex ual activity should be concern on private freedom of individual and as long as their is a consent ... given in the relationship it should not be an issue for the public or the law because it is not right to oppose the relationship where it is consensual.It should be an fudamental human right for everyone to engage in consensual sex and have a right to decide.By saying children cannot make informed consent is apparently not true.Informed consent exist where you are capable of understanding the fact and information on what they have said and you make a decision by your choice for an agreement or refusal.If a child want to have sex with an adult that is a informed consent otherwise those people who are unable to give consent to sex never have a ability to express their willigness such as example of mental handicapp,mental ill,or demenita would usually be considered as unable to consent.Sex offender registry could ruin a child life ,they should not require jail time where there haven´t intend to cause harm just because in one time in their life they does not follow the sexual age limit which have been set up by law.Age of consent violate a child human right,privacy,and freedom and recommend to be abolish   more
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Stonehe4rt says2016-03-04T23:43:49.4160113Z
That yes option's description is completely nonsensical too. I mean sure underaged teenagers will have sex regardless, however pedophiles would manipulate children into consenting when the child doesnt even understand. And no a child would not normally be having sex. Sure maybe we should lower it, since the Teens would probably have sex either way, but not get rid of it, its something that is needed to protect the children.
stephannoi says2016-03-05T04:23:45.3651009Z
@stonehe4rt Some young teen can make rational informed decision enough not to be in an exploitive situation that an adult taking advantage of them.
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-05T04:27:48.8873449Z
I hear you about TEENS. However Stephannoi, CHILDREN CANNOT make rational decisions. A man could convince a 6 year old girl he "loves her" so he manipulates this 6 year old into saying publicly or what not she consents. The reason behind age of consent is to protect the children. I wouldnt want to see man getting away with manipulating and molesting little girls under the pretense of them consenting. Do you?
stephannoi says2016-03-05T04:28:26.6091121Z
This is why i think age of consent is flawed because people are going to be treat the same way as rape for having consensual sex with your underage partner.
stephannoi says2016-03-05T04:33:09.5379665Z
If a child does not have an understanding about sex then i agree then it should be illegal to have sex with them but this should based on judgement of the parent (not the government ) whether their child have a mental capacity to comprehend .
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-05T04:33:42.3144069Z
Um no they wouldnt, without the age of consent, a man could get away with molesting a 6 year old girl. However since we do have age of consent, that man would be tried for sexual assault or rape. Age of Consent is very much needed, Maybe lower it, because Teenagers may be able to make more rational decisions than children (However teens cannot truly make rational decisions as their Frontal Lobe hasnt developed fully hence logic and the like isnt full complete, varies from person to person.) The Age of Consent is a very much needed thing, without it we would have men getting away with what would be rape today, but only seen as a bad relationship otherwise.
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-05T04:36:32.3431665Z
For a parent to decide when their child can have sex is even worse, the governement sets a base moral system with the law, and sets expectations of us that can motivate and increase society. Without Age of Consent people wouldnt be expected to have understanding at a certain age and we would have a lot of chaos. Like a parent saying their 30 year old child doesnt understand properly still ect... It causes more problems. However Age of Consent sets a base line that can help protect many.
stephannoi says2016-03-05T04:40:13.1512281Z
If some children are both mental and physical mature enough to handle with sexual relationship then the government absolutely has no right to prohibit from having an affair no matter what the government think .
stephannoi says2016-03-05T04:42:01.8704157Z
Consent to sex should be decide by individual not the law .
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-05T04:43:52.6956573Z
Exactly, and the Age of Consent is made to state when our Human Body Anatomy is at the a-okay for sexual interactions. As you said "If some children are both mental and physical mature enough to handle with sexual relationship then the government absolutely has no right to prohibit from having an affair no matter what the government think ." The Age of Consent is suppose to show when us people are physically and mentally capable of sexual relations. If it was gone, what would stop a Man from getting a 2 year old from giving consent then raping him\her? You see how sick the world would fall if Age of Consent fell? You state yourself that if the child is physically capable and mentally then the government has no right to interfere, however the Age of Consent is when the government interferes when people try to force children who are NOT physically or mentally ready!
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-05T04:51:03.1435798Z
If it wasnt by the law, then what right would the parents have to limit their child's sexual activity? The child would have the right to sleep with whoever of any age. A parent would have no right to stop some 50 year old man from trying to confuse and manipulate their children. With homosexuality accepted nowadays you might even get situations where little boys go to the restroom and get manipulated and sexually assaulted by other men. Of course with no age of consent the man could get away with this, as long as he had some sort of evidence the child consented, such as a recorder, phone ect.... I've talked about another guy about something similar to this topic and how America was falling with the embracing of perverse acts.
countdooku says2016-03-05T05:47:05.0119301Z
Okay i agree,6 years old cannot consent to sex,but age of consent in USA is too high in most state is between 16 and 18.
countdooku says2016-03-05T05:48:08.7383386Z
Minimum age for sex should be at least place to 13 and 14 like in most european countries.
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-05T05:48:13.8083711Z
Yeah. Age of Consent should def be lowered, but not abolished.
Danimal4NU says2016-03-05T13:53:34.0284822Z
Of course you need an age of consent. Question should be whether the age of consent should be standardized. I think it is just ridiculous that you are a rapist in one state but fine in another for the same act. I say move it to 16 for all states. If you are old enough to be trusted behind the wheel of a potential death-machine you are old enough to decide if you want to have sex.
ghostrecon says2016-03-05T21:24:23.7447671Z
@ countdooku i agree with your opinion.You said children aren´t incapable of given consent the same way as mentally handicapp,mental ill,unconscious,and intoxicated people which it´s true.Although those people with disability group are not deemed to make decision even in the simplest thing such as specific decision for themselve in their daily life so they cannot make complex decision beyond their need.This why disability and mental ill individual need health care and nursiring.
ghostrecon says2016-03-05T21:33:24.5351247Z
Children and teen aren´t identically the same as mentally handicapp and mental ill and shouldn´t be consider the same so. If Young teen have an understanding of scientific subject (maths,science,physics,biology,chemie) so why can´t they have an understanding with the most easiest thing such as sex and reproduction ? It´s even more complex to calculate than hook up with your boyfriend.
ghostrecon says2016-03-05T21:38:28.9769307Z
This is why i think statutory rape aims no purpose to prevent sexual abuse but merely it is only a discriminatory and offensive.
haydenchristen says2016-03-14T23:26:03.9842737Z
@ ghostrecon i agree with your point of view.
haydenchristen says2016-03-14T23:29:43.7497159Z
I have perform an intellectual ability test and my iq was as high as 135 though above the average while i reach intelligence in the same level like most of adult.
haydenchristen says2016-03-14T23:33:27.8325884Z
As long as you aren't mentally cognitive impaired define as iq (70 or below) you aren't permanently incapable of understanding.
haydenchristen says2016-03-14T23:35:38.2519324Z
Statutory rape law is stupid.
stephannoi says2016-03-15T09:55:19.1727987Z
@haydenchristen If you score above 100 IQ on the intellectual ability test,you are no more considered as mentally deficit.However consent implies emotional maturity too not only just cognitive.
stephannoi says2016-03-15T10:01:13.1858680Z
But as i have said,children does not have the same maturity rate and there is no clear result which we can use as a standard as an indicator.
stephannoi says2016-03-15T10:02:25.4143310Z
I know this some children can be incredible mature at young age .
haydenchristen says2016-03-15T13:19:22.9076820Z
I am only 13 years old female and i am mentally mature to know what sex is and the consequences.If i want to go on dating with my boyfriend it's my right and the police has no business to interfere.
haydenchristen says2016-03-15T13:29:41.5140474Z
My boyfriend should not be accused as criminal by society just because for having consensual sex with underage.I don't want to see him land in jail,it hurt my feeling..Sex offender registry ruin his life and mine too.
dathc says2016-03-15T13:38:43.4303212Z
@ dathc I know that you are in the mood of fallen in love with someone and i fully understood your feeling.Of course no one wants to see the love ones being taken away merciless and inequity..
dathc says2016-03-15T13:40:07.7956620Z
@ haydenchristen We just hope in the future there will be no age of consent law anymore.
dathc says2016-03-15T13:54:58.0536041Z
@ haydenchristen When you are dating with your boyfriend,i advise you to keep the relationship secret from your parent if you don't want your boyfriend being in trouble and do not express sexual intimacy such as (kissing,hugging,or even holding hands ) in the public make it in your private room,otherwise there is a danger that someone could recognize you both.May i ask you personally,how old is your boyfriend ?
haydenchristen says2016-03-15T13:58:43.6821893Z
@ dathc thanks a lot for your recommendation,it's very kind to hear it from you.My boyfriend is 19 years old ,although we have been dating already for several month ago.
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-15T19:26:03.3967785Z
13 year old sleeping with a 19 year old? Well maybe thats ok if you really are mature enough. He could be a great guy who really likes you, and not saying he isnt, but he could also be a guy who is just manipulating a younger girl. Considering he knows he is breaking the law, I would assume he is more of a manipulator. As a man, if i was dating a younger woman, who was a LOT younger, I would ATLEAST wait until she is older. Because you arent even out of puberty yet, so sexual activity can actual force some parts of your body to increase in speed while slowing others, it could stunt height growth, or other things. So really age of consent is there for more than just mentality but really it should be when the person has gone through a sufficient amount of puberty. 3 years back I would never have been wanting to sleeping with someone yet, whether they were my GF or not, because simply things come up like: what if the girl gets pregnant, can I take care of her (when only being 13?), if I was 13 and got a older woman pregnant I would not be able to take care of her obviously, and she would probably leave. So for you the situation is reversed. What if the 19 year old boy gets you pregnant? Can you be prepared to raise a child? What if he leaves you with the child? Now your 13 and taking care of a baby. Not saying it will happen, but even things like condoms or pills dont always work. The maturity to have sex isnt just understanding how to perform the act, its thinking about the things that come from the act. However maybe the dude really loves you and will take care of you if he gets your pregnant and maybe it will all work out. Who knows. But just telling you, that it would be easy to convince someone young that you love them. That is why age of consent is around, as stated before in these comments, if there was no age of consent a 50 year old man could convince your 6 year old daughter that he loves her. And gets proof of her consent. You would not be able to put him on trial or jail him because he did it within the law. A man could take your daughter from you get her to consent and have his ways with her, and you could do nothing about it. Age of consent is something very needed, and I would say it should probably drop to 13-14, but no younger than that. Weird how generations of just 3 years are so different.
dathc says2016-03-15T21:06:46.1934455Z
@ stonehe4rt By meaning of understanding consequences of sex also including pregnancy and sexual transmitted disease.If you at least understand that sexual act between men and woman will result in pregnancy you could also be wise enough on how to protect yourself from pregnancy .
dathc says2016-03-15T21:10:09.7123501Z
@ Stonehe4rt Men would not have an opportunity to take advantage of young girl,if she is clever enough.
stephannoi says2016-03-15T21:21:26.4290880Z
@dathc I don't believe it's truly bad as long as sex is consensual and there is no coercion involved.People can be satisfied with their own desire where they aren't being violated in the relationship.
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-16T02:57:18.3089873Z
You miss the point, I am not talking directly about the people here. Ok, so say there is NO age of consent. You say IF a girl is clever enough then she wouldn't be tricked. Can you ensure EVERY little girl is clever enough to know whether some old man truly loves her or not? You think having sex and just knowing about the consequences is enough? No you have to have a fall back plan, you have to be mature enough and capable enough for the worst case scenario. So if you get pregnant, would you be ok as a 13 year old girl? Most would answer: No. Therefore the mature and logical answer is to not have sex yet. However regardless of you, talking about the situation where there is no legal age of consent, then any man could manipulate any girl regardless of age and have sex with her, then leave her for all he cares. A man could grab a recorder, manipulate a 3 year old into saying Yes. And there would be NOTHING the law could do about it. So say you were taking your kid to Walmart, they got lost, met a man, he manipulated them and got evidence and performed sexual acts towards her. You would be able to do NOTHING to that man. Is that the world you want? Where children are being tricked and used and left? You as a 13 year old, maybe your ok, I don't know whats in your mind, however for little children it should be obvious what that answer is. Age of Consent is definitely needed.
countdooku says2016-03-16T08:36:40.4136320Z
@ haydenchristen How about if you and your boyfriend together move to japan,over there age of consent is 13.You can freely have sex as much time as you want nobody gonna bothering you.
stephannoi says2016-03-16T08:48:54.5776943Z
@ haydenchristen You looked cute in the picture but you are still very young.
haydenchristen says2016-03-16T09:46:34.0975596Z
@ stephannoi Thanks ,stephannoi,it's nice to hear that from you.Anyway why don't you put your own picture own your profile too?Like me.
stephannoi says2016-03-16T09:51:37.5714159Z
@ haydenchristen I don't have picture of myself on my computer but it will take time to upload one from my camera.
ghostrecon says2016-03-16T10:35:42.3391536Z
@stephannoi Stephannoi says ,, you looked cute in the picture but you are still very young.
ghostrecon says2016-03-16T10:37:18.8744288Z
Into my sense,you sound like you have a crush on the girl,do you ?
stephannoi says2016-03-16T10:59:45.1733484Z
It was just only my compliment to the girl and no,i am not sexual attracted to her.
stephannoi says2016-03-16T11:05:22.5007976Z
@ghostrecon Why are you so naughty about this ?
ghostrecon says2016-03-16T11:14:30.4648476Z
@stephannoi I don't meant to be naughty to you,but i am just asking you frankly.
haydenchristen says2016-03-16T16:30:10.0147489Z
@ stephannoi And how about you stephannoi,do you have your own love partner yet ?
stephannoi says2016-03-16T16:33:15.0294699Z
@ haydenchristen No, i don't have girlfriend yet this is because i have to study hard in the college so there is not much time left over for relationship and sex.
stephannoi says2016-03-16T16:37:44.4532434Z
But perhaps at the time when i graduate i would certainly seek to find some pretty girl to be my relationship partner.
stephannoi says2016-03-16T16:44:37.9369517Z
But when i was at your age,i have a crush on student girl who is at least 5 older although we,together never have serious relationship,it's just only a friendship.
stephannoi says2016-03-16T16:55:05.2891200Z
@haydenchristen And how about your classmate aren't they suitable to be your boyfriend?Why you prefer to be in relationship with someone who is much older than you in age apart ? Sorry for asking your privately,it might not be so polite from me.
haydenchristen says2016-03-16T21:45:19.0486322Z
@ stephannoi Well they are quite rude to me so i keep a distance from them.I am the only one of the lonely outsider of the class.No one really accept me as friend and they expelled me from the group.
stephannoi says2016-03-16T21:47:48.5443905Z
@haydenchristen They bullied you ?
haydenchristen says2016-03-16T22:02:56.2206089Z
@ stephannoi Yes,especially the boys bullied me violently.Everyday i come back to home with bruise,intense pain all over my body.Bullying humiliate me badly.And i was a victim of cyberbully too.Most of the girl in the class spread abusive comment about me in the internet .
stephannoi says2016-03-16T22:14:46.6179627Z
@ haydenchristen Poor girl,i really feel sorry for you.You must be suffering of immense of pain being in that kind of situation. However i advise you not to show sign of your weakness in front of the bully because the bully often think they have the power to control over anyone above and seek an opportunity to prey on vulnerable weak person.Don't be a wimp,try to stand up for your right and defend yourself.
haydenchristen says2016-03-16T22:22:32.8737515Z
@ stephannoi Yes but the boys are much stronger than me and i don't know how fight back physically,how could i defend myself when i am just a girl ?
stephannoi says2016-03-16T22:36:20.9738598Z
@ haydenchristen Don't underestimate yourself like that.If you are powerless to defend then someone the teacher or (your parents) should intervene.In case if there is physical violence involved then i strongly suggest you to go the police.Violence is an villain act and absolutely should not be tolerated in the school.Boy in your class should spend time in jail and held criminal responsibility for what they have done to you.
stephannoi says2016-03-16T22:41:40.3547071Z
Now i get the point,why you choose an adult to be your boyfriend,because he is nice to you,am i right ?
haydenchristen says2016-03-16T22:44:13.7090452Z
@ stephannoi YES.
haydenchristen says2016-03-16T22:45:30.6502180Z
It's nice to have some conservation with you,stephannoi.
haydenchristen says2016-03-17T07:03:38.3849282Z
Can someone vote for my debate challenge.
haydenchristen says2016-03-17T07:04:40.4901206Z
haydenchristen says2016-03-17T20:33:32.6873675Z
@Danimal4NU Can you vote on my debate challenge please ?
countdooku says2016-03-21T11:52:22.3674902Z
@ haydenchristen Your boyfriend is apparently a pedophile.
dathc says2016-03-24T14:26:48.1765074Z
I am glad an astounding increasing number of people vote for abolish age of consent.
dathc says2016-03-24T14:32:32.9655858Z
I hope this amount number of voters would dramatically increase more.
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-25T18:58:51.2890411Z
I hope it doesnt! Seriously after all of that we just talked about! The Age of Consent is NEEDED! Of course it should definitely be lowered, but NEVER abolished! I mean you could have people attempting to sexually abuse 2 or 3 year olds and get away with it. I mean seriously? I hope this country doesnt go that far into foolishness.
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-25T19:03:44.8514599Z
I mean without Age of Consent you could even have parents prostituing their children out to people and rewarding their kids for listening and saying "yes" every time. A child will learn how to live based on what they feel and see, so if a child is rewarded for being prostitued out, they will continue to do so. So without age of consent you could have children who are still learning who they are, how to think for themselves, being manipulated into being molested and hurt for their entire life. This is just another reason why it should not be abolished.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-02T04:30:59.6299577Z
Anyone who says that it's up to the parents, obviously do not have children. You can tell your son/daughter that you're not okay with them having sex, but there's always a way. It should be a government issue because the age of consent is set in place to protect underage minors from making uninformed decisions about their sexual encounters. If, for example, a 19 year old has sex with a 13 year old. If the age of consent is 13 and she gets pregnant, the parents and 13 year old can do nothing about it. Unless you want to go for the rape allegation, which is wrong to do to any man if it wasn't, in fact, rape. Not to mention, most children by the age of 13 are NOT fully developed. Obviously teens and preteens are going to have sexual urges and normal teenage impulses, but it's your job as a good parent to protect them from making regrettable decisions. Can you imagine a new playing field to that scenario if adults can be brought into the mix? Not only will you have to protect and heavily inform your child of teens her own age, but to watch out for adults as well? An adult can outwit and coerce a teen/preteen easier than a teen to another teen. Just know, that if there were no law against it, the law could never help you out of that situation if you didn't agree with your child's partner.
haydenchristen says2016-04-02T07:30:42.8417711Z
@ EmilzlHere When i was 13 , i know how to protect myself from pregnancy and sexual transmitted.I never got pregnant,the first time when i sleep with my boyfriend.
stephannoi says2016-04-02T07:34:09.5898964Z
@ EmilzlHere It's true by age of 13-14 not all children are mature but some of them are.In countries like spain and japan has the age of consent 13,and from the statistic teen pregnancy rate are much lower than in the USA as well as the same with sexual transmitted disease.
stephannoi says2016-04-02T07:36:59.1005830Z
In comparison to USA is one of the highest teen pregnancy and sexual transmitted disease rate in the world while age of consent is 16-18.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-03T06:51:43.7172294Z
@Haydenchristen That's cool and all, but I know a few 13 year olds, and they would NOT be able to make informed decisions about their sexual encounters. It's not until middle or high school where you even take a sexual education course. I feel that if this was a subject people feel that strongly about, they should offer sexual education classes to a lower age range. I feel that it should be offered earlier anyways despite me wanting the age of consent to remain the same. @Stephannoi Those are other countries. They are raised differently and have different upbringings than we do. At the age of thirteen in this country, they are heavily influenced to find a mate by the music industry, television, the internet, and society doing ADULT things. Giving preteens the choice of doing adult things is irresponsible in my humble opinion. I think that if you are still receiving an allowance for doing chores, having your laundry done by your parents, and asking your mom to take you to the movies to see your goofy buddies isn't the age to be worrying about finding a mate; let alone having SEX. Why would you want your preteen having intercourse with anyone? Especially adults? I think by the age of sixteen, as Danimal4NU stated, " If you are old enough to be trusted behind the wheel of a potential death-machine you are old enough to decide if you want to have sex". Don't trust children to make adult decisions.
countdooku says2016-04-03T07:59:30.7881002Z
I don't think age is an significiant criteria in relevant to maturity while children does not have same maturity at different age.It could likely be possible young teens at age of 13-14 are emotionally mature but on the other hand it's also possible that kids at that age are not fully developed in cognivite and making decision.
countdooku says2016-04-03T08:00:51.7682193Z
@ haydenchristen Your IQ is 135 right ? Wow,that is quite high,when i was 11 years old my IQ is 125.
countdooku says2016-04-03T08:03:34.8516647Z
Average adult intelligence lies on about 110-140.While average intelligence that consider normal is 100.I guest hayden christen score higher IQ quotes than some adults.
countdooku says2016-04-03T08:05:33.7088266Z
In many states of usa we allow kids to stand on trial like an adult in the criminal court while if they are competent to stand trial,they also have a competent to consent to sexual relation.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-03T08:08:26.3083330Z
You can't say one 13 year old can do it, and another can't. You have to draw the line somewhere. You can't argue that one is more mature than the other. There would be no legal way to protect anyone if you went by the mental state of the child at that time. Otherwise, there would be no way to determine victims of crimes and a completely consensual partner. You can't go case-by-case. It's not fair to anyone. Including the older partner in the scenario. There would be no way for the older one in the situation to determine if their interest is ready or not. That person might think so, but the younger might change their mind afterwords. If you're completely dependent on your mother to make your meals, wash your clothes & dishes, and clean your room, you can't say their ready for a commitment to anyone else.
countdooku says2016-04-03T08:11:02.4965342Z
While at age of 11 i never have sex before but i am confident about myself that i am mentally mature.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-03T08:19:50.6691199Z
This will bother me if I don't fix it, "They're' ready for a commitment for anyone else." Also, I also seem to be under the impression that you guys are confusing consent to sex and a relationship as the same thing. Relationships are completely different. Anyone under the age of consent can have a relationship with someone with words and feelings, but SEX is what is being prevented in order to protect the child. So, if you think the government is trying break up your little girlfriend/boyfriend, that is not the case. Taking away the age of consent is opening a gateway to pedophilia. Saying that a 13 year old can have sex with whoever they want is sexualizing that child at a very young age. Which bothers me that many people are completely fine with that.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-03T08:41:35.9450870Z
@countdukoo I don't doubt that you're mentally mature enough to handle a lot of things, but you need to understand that parents want to protect their children. Maybe when you have children one day you'll understand. Even if you don't have children, you'll understand that sexualizing a young child isn't normal. You being the age that you are, might think someone of your age group is cute or attractive, but the older you get, people of your current age no longer become attractive to you. Your attraction will grow with your age; it SHOULD grow with your age anyways, but some people that is not the age they want. They want younger and it will never change. That is why matters like this belong with adults and not easily persuaded children.
stephannoi says2016-04-03T08:44:39.1994617Z
@EmilzlsHere If he score intelligent quotes at 125 ,he is highly intelligent.
stephannoi says2016-04-03T08:46:43.7194599Z
As long as your intelligent quotes is not 70 or below you aren't considered as mentally incompetent or impaired.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-03T08:53:33.3624858Z
You can't rate people by their intelligence when it comes to the LAW. I don't understand how this is even an argument. What everyone is trying to say is that you can't sexualize CHILDREN. Being smart doesn't mean you should be attractive to old men/women. Lowering the age of consent is opening not even a gateway, it's more like a floodgate of pedophilia. People prey on children's innocence. That is why they're called "predators"
stephannoi says2016-04-03T09:15:35.9545639Z
@ haydenchristen From your picture i can see you haven't reach the maximum physical growth while you are still a little kid.
haydenchristen says2016-04-03T09:18:21.2532235Z
@stephannoi But i start having my first period already when i was 12 years old.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-03T09:23:36.2660428Z
@Haydenchristen That is exactly why we have these laws.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-03T09:27:30.5639447Z
Also, @Haydenchristen, that's not even you in that picture. That's Talitha Bateman. She's an actress. I don't know who you're trying to fool when you have "Getty images" across your profile picture.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-03T09:31:38.1375317Z
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-03T09:44:38.8913365Z
@Haydenchristen You know, going through your opinion posts and arguments. You have made it clear that you support pedophilia and support abolishing the age of consent. But, I found it disturbing that you think that the ELDERLY should have age of consent, but not children. I find this highly strange and feel very uncomfortable talking to you. Whoever you may be. Being how that is NOT you in that picture, but claim to be. I have nothing more to say to this thread.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-03T10:00:30.3882358Z
Haydenchristen, stephannoi, countdukoo, and ghostrecon... You are all friends. You ALL post on discussions that almost all have something to do with pedophilia, age of consent, and children. You all say that pedophilia should be accepted as a sexual orientation. You've all said that sex should be okay with anyone of any age (except the elderly??). That pedophiles should be accepted in modern society and say that "it's okay for pedophiles to make love to children because there's no hurting the child" <-- I'm paraphrasing, but in essence, that's pretty close to what you've said, stephannoi. I'm not going to say I'm accusing you all of NOT being the age that you say you are, but there's a lot of disturbing things that don't make sense for your stated age.
ghostrecon says2016-04-03T12:17:32.8568796Z
Haha ironic,funny.I don't even believe talitha bathmann have a boyfriend yet.
ghostrecon says2016-04-03T12:19:31.0729218Z
An increasing disturbing number of people agree that pedophile is a sexual orientation.Take a look at this pol,you will be astounded.
ghostrecon says2016-04-03T12:20:11.9446598Z
I will send you the link.
ghostrecon says2016-04-03T12:23:08.2402337Z
ghostrecon says2016-04-03T12:26:14.2550070Z
stephannoi says2016-04-03T12:55:26.0058361Z
@ghostrecon Yeah because you are convincing majority of people to think the same like you right ?
stephannoi says2016-04-03T16:11:29.8228447Z
@EmilzlHere Some elderly have dementia problem while it's a mental disease unlike a child development is not equal to them.
stephannoi says2016-04-03T16:17:43.1644379Z
I can predict that there will be increasing number of member volunteer to accept pedophile as a sexual orientation in this website,debate.Org.And there will be an dramatically impact on society attitude change of view in america.
stephannoi says2016-04-03T16:24:11.0141241Z
Pedophile isn't universally taboo around the world.In USA and middle east region,child marriage is an commonly practice.
stephannoi says2016-04-03T16:26:36.6878579Z
Look at an example in new hampshire,female can marry with parental consent at age 13 and male at age 14.
countdooku says2016-04-03T16:37:28.4132356Z
@stephannoi It's time that we have to change society attitude view in america.
countdooku says2016-04-03T16:39:15.1335197Z
I have heard rumors news report that obama sign a bill to lower age of consent to 13 in 2016 .
countdooku says2016-04-03T16:47:58.9848777Z
I hope that DSM-V version would excluded pedophilia from paraphilia list.Just as same as in 1970s where DSM-II have declassified homosexual from paraphilia.
stephannoi says2016-04-03T17:06:02.4430229Z
@countdooku Are you sure you are going to change public opinion ?
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-04T21:29:47.9514122Z
I know I said I wasn't going to keep replying, but it seems that you aren't getting what I'm saying... You can't say that you're okay with pedophilia, and then poll that the age of consent law should be abolished. That just tells everyone that you probably aren't as young as you're saying. That just makes all of you look like you're adults trying to voice your opinion about how having sex with a child is okay. If you're trying to fool anyone, it's not working. You all just seem like adults who don't know how to be subtle.
haydenchristen says2016-04-05T05:57:52.5789159Z
@ EmilzlHere So,unfortunately you don't believe us?But you do realize that majority are going to agree with us.Have you had visit this website page already ?
haydenchristen says2016-04-05T05:58:59.4097443Z
haydenchristen says2016-04-05T06:01:58.1556901Z
In this debate,74 % say pedophilia is not wrong while only 26 % say it's wrong.You see the difference outweigh ?
stephannoi says2016-04-05T06:22:21.6403329Z
And in my debate poll,there is an increasing number of people agree that pedophile is a sexual orientation.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-05T21:33:07.4390512Z
Yeah. I'm never going to those polls. You guys are the ones who make them to begin with over and over again. I don't want to go them anyway because I'm not a pedophile. You guys seem to be okay with adults preying on kids. Either you're very disturbing children, or you are adults meeting children on this site while pretending to be young teens. Either way, I'm not biting that bait.
dathc says2016-04-06T04:50:05.2893605Z
Talitcha bachman is a cute sweet girl,i like her.
stephannoi says2016-04-06T04:56:09.1969379Z
@ dathc You seems to have a crush on her.If she is your acquaintance,would you like to be her boyfriend ?
dathc says2016-04-06T04:58:42.4970303Z
Probably yes !
haydenchristen says2016-04-06T05:03:46.3756670Z
@ EmilzlHere My 14 years old is my real age.I am not an adult who pretending as a young teens.You don't believe me ?
haydenchristen says2016-04-06T05:05:54.5148884Z
And stephannoi,ghostrecon,and dathc they are my best friend.
stephannoi says2016-04-06T05:12:12.9577143Z
@ haydenchristen Yes,we are always friends and will stick together.
haydenchristen says2016-04-06T05:19:31.6169262Z
@ EmilzlHere And i do have a boyfriend when i was 13 years old
dathc says2016-04-06T05:23:41.1242311Z
@ stephannoi Do you believe talitcha bathmann already have a boyfriend ?
stephannoi says2016-04-06T05:28:00.9628279Z
@ dathc I don't know,don't ask me.For me,she is unpopular so i don't know about her biography good enough.
stephannoi says2016-04-06T05:29:44.0184097Z
But ,yes, she is cute.
stephannoi says2016-04-06T05:32:16.1057344Z
I love her too.
dathc says2016-04-09T18:56:04.5358618Z
@ stephannoi So,you already admit the truth that you are a pedophile yourself ?
stephannoi says2016-04-09T18:57:38.6224645Z
@ dathc Yes
stephannoi says2016-04-09T18:59:45.1704757Z
I am sexual attracted to both prepubescent and pubescent youngest( mostly age 14 or younger).But i never have had molested a child before in my lifetime.
dathc says2016-04-09T19:07:58.0088349Z
@ stephannoi You said,you fall in love with an child actress named : talitcha bathman.Would you like to take her as your girlfriend ?
stephannoi says2016-04-09T19:09:35.1638466Z
@ dathc If i have an opportunity then certainly yes !
haydenchristen says2016-04-09T19:13:00.3715082Z
Well but i am not a pedophile
dathc says2016-04-09T19:16:27.0233444Z
@ haydenchristen You are still a kid so you can't have pedophilic tendencies.A person who classified as pedophile must be at least 16 years old or an adult.
stephannoi says2016-04-09T19:22:00.9290382Z
@ dathc I would also like to have sex with the girl too ,not only dating with her.
lanzy says2016-04-14T20:13:08.0563802Z
@ stephannoi You are a sick disgusted perverted man,stephannoi.You need a immediate medical treatment.
stephannoi says2016-04-14T20:17:55.1294204Z
@ lanzy Why should i need a medical treatment ? Having sex with little girl is fun and enjoyable !!
GerryA says2017-12-25T22:01:11.6620245Z
Not abolished as such but restored to the rational 10 for females and 12 for males, OR puberty for females, whichever comes later. These were the ages our ancestors determined to be reasonable and proper. Natural penis-in-vagina intercourse is a natural bodily function, not an aberration or abuse like smoking, drinking strong alcoholic beverages or committing sodomy. The poster who threw the strawman "50 year old man and 6 year old girl" ignores that a prepubertal girl's vagina would be torn by a mature penis. Lowering or abolishing the a-o-c is not legalizing assault & battery. Or that a 6 y.O. Child is under parental authority and that a parent who permitted a prepubertal child to have sexual activity with an adult would be prima facie guilty of child abuse by neglect. What most of us that believe that the a-o-c statutes are overreaching is criminalizing normal, natural sexual activity between persons past puberty.
GerryA says2017-12-25T22:01:25.1093107Z
Not abolished as such but restored to the rational 10 for females and 12 for males, OR puberty for females, whichever comes later. These were the ages our ancestors determined to be reasonable and proper. Natural penis-in-vagina intercourse is a natural bodily function, not an aberration or abuse like smoking, drinking strong alcoholic beverages or committing sodomy. The poster who threw the strawman "50 year old man and 6 year old girl" ignores that a prepubertal girl's vagina would be torn by a mature penis. Lowering or abolishing the a-o-c is not legalizing assault & battery. Or that a 6 y.O. Child is under parental authority and that a parent who permitted a prepubertal child to have sexual activity with an adult would be prima facie guilty of child abuse by neglect. What most of us that believe that the a-o-c statutes are overreaching is criminalizing normal, natural sexual activity between persons past puberty.
Bring-Me-The-Popcorn says2020-05-30T17:02:45.8901477Z
Teen on teen (18 or lower) action is fine. But not adult on teen.
thevirtualinfectedmaster says2022-03-27T00:04:44.4265152Z
I feel like teens shouldn't be criminalized for wanting to have sex with each other.
thevirtualinfectedmaster says2022-03-27T00:29:27.3157152Z
I feel like teens shouldn't be criminalized for wanting to have sex with each other.

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