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MrPanda40812 says2018-11-02T19:29:22.9980420Z
If weed is illegal, Then all drugs should be illegal!
PassiveSquirrel says2018-11-03T00:21:18.9759573Z
Legalizing drugs will get rid of the cartels.
PersonPolitical says2018-11-03T17:29:43.8859096Z
MrPanda40812, What? The whole question was if they SHOULD be, Not relating to what they are now.
zhaod1 says2018-11-03T17:44:41.3437595Z
PassiveSquirrel However, Legalizing drugs will also encourage more people to use them.
PersonPolitical says2018-11-03T21:40:09.2497595Z
Zhaod1, Not necessarily, As the use of alcohol fell after prohibition, I believe.
3.14159265358979323smart says2018-11-04T14:51:57.8728115Z
If all drugs were legal, It would be easier for minors to access them. I'm sure many people are aware of the negative effects that drugs can have on a developing brain.
zhaod1 says2018-11-04T20:47:33.5527726Z
Person Political that actually supports that prohibitions decrease usage.
PassiveSquirrel says2018-11-05T13:16:05.8306466Z
@zhoad1 Well, That’s not entirely true. People use drugs because they fell disconnected from the world. In the Vietnam War, 20% of American troops were using herion. Whenthey got home 98% of them just stopped. Same happens when they tested this with rats. When putting a rat in an empty cage, They drink the drugged water instead of regular water. When they put the rat with friends, Cheese, And toys. The rats almost never drank the drugged water over the regular water
zhaod1 says2018-11-05T14:26:06.8440403Z
PersonPolitical So are you against legalization or not?
zhaod1 says2018-11-05T14:28:16.4460072Z
PassiveSquirrel Are you against legalization or not?
PassiveSquirrel says2018-11-06T00:46:07.7347656Z
@zhoad1 I'm for legalizing drugs, Sorry if I didn't make my point clear!
PassiveSquirrel says2018-11-06T00:47:49.7799688Z
@zhaod1 I'm for legalizing drugs.
zhaod1 says2018-11-06T01:26:28.5152039Z
PassiveSquirrel Do you believe in unlimited freedom or some limitations on freedom?
PersonPolitical says2018-11-06T02:04:01.6271314Z
Zhaod1, On your question to PassiveSquirrel you asked about freedom. I believe that there should be no limitations on freedom, SO LONG as you are not practically or seriously affecting anyone else.
zhaod1 says2018-11-06T02:12:43.5007471Z
PersonPolitical Does using the taxpayer's money to pay for health care for drug users count as hurting the taxpayer then?
PassiveSquirrel says2018-11-06T05:03:39.7206544Z
@zhaod1 I don’t really get what you mean. By the way thanks for voting to my debate!
PassiveSquirrel says2018-11-06T05:10:51.1722062Z
Well I agree with what PersonPolitical said
PersonPolitical says2018-11-06T14:23:18.6781793Z
Zhaod1, I do not think that it should be at the expense of taxpayers, Rather I think it should be in the form of private donations, A sort of charity. And that is in the case that treatment is even necessary, Most often it is not, Same with alcohol or, Say, Tobacco.
christosome says2018-11-09T06:16:41.3762381Z
No more cartels, No economic reason for gangs in inner cities, You can tax it, Less people in jail, And more money in the taxpayers pocket. Let people destroy themselves, There are too many people in this world as it is.
dannypk says2018-11-12T18:18:15.1924231Z
First of all, Making drugs illegal doesn't stop the production and selling of drugs. I don't really know why you people oppose this idea, If you want to consume drugs, Do it, If you don't want, Don't do it.
zhaod1 says2018-11-12T22:44:51.1011891Z
Dannypk The goal of not legalizing drugs is primarily to reduce drug use, But stopping the illegal production and selling of drugs is even better.
boatfullogoats says2018-11-22T05:32:31.7857378Z
Not all drugs, But a lot. The war on drugs only fuels the use of them, It was a total mistake.
smokey0990 says2018-12-13T04:09:13.6398235Z
Yea, Alcohol use falling after the end of prohibition absolutely does not support the idea that prohibition decreases usage. In fact it proves the exact opposite since it means that alcohol usage was higher during prohibition and less people used alcohol after prohibition when alcohol was actually legal. Also, How can one complain about the possible misuse of taxpayer funds, And then defend the war on drugs? The war on drugs is one of the biggest misuses of taxpayer funds in history. Seriously google this stuff or watch a documentary or something even law enforcement knows it isn't working. The flow of drugs over the border has barely been hindered the cartels continue getting richer and richer despite the literal tons of drugs that get confiscated each year. If keeping drugs illegal was actually stopping the production and selling of those drugs then Mexico wouldn't be so infested with cartels and no one would know who El Chapo was. Also, My hometown wouldn't be in the middle of a heroin epidemic. My little brothers used to get offered heroin on a regular basis when we still lived there. All you had to do was walk down the street and wait until some random dude hollers at you. Your kids already have access to any drug they want and the ridiculous sums of taxpayer funds devoted to stopping this are being completely wasted.
zhaod1 says2018-12-13T20:56:27.1229190Z
Smokey0990 Alcohol comsumption per capita fell by 20% after prohibition was enacted.
smokey0990 says2018-12-18T09:06:16.3953016Z
Yep, And then jumped 60-70% in the years afterwards. Basically it took time to set up the stills. Those levels didn't drop back down immediately after the end of prohibition either. Rather they stayed the same for a few years before dropping again. Laws typically don't enact massive change overnight.
zhaod1 says2018-12-18T20:34:31.8338464Z
Smokey1990 Actually, The alcohol consumption rate stayed low even after the 18th amendment was repealed.
smokey0990 says2018-12-19T00:08:53.8091929Z
It's like you don't even know the words I'm using. The alcohol consumption rate was not "low" during prohibition so no it could not have "stayed low". As you pointed out it dropped roughly 20% at the start of prohibition, Then soon after started climbing until it rose around 60-70% during prohibition. It then remained at that rate at the end of prohibition then eventually fell. The prohibition of alcohol was a complete failure, This is common knowledge.
zhaod1 says2018-12-19T21:25:27.4809340Z
Smokey1990 No, I was saying that to contradict your statement. Fact: Alcohol consumption decreased by around 20% once prohibition was enacted, And stayed to similar levels even after prohibition was repealed.
smokey0990 says2018-12-19T23:17:44.2439436Z
Well, Then you're simply wrong, And anyone who knows anything about the topic knows you are wrong. Anyone who has ever done a google search on the topic knows you are wrong. Seriously, Educate yourself on a topic before trying to tell people about it. Different sources disagree on exact numbers sometimes, But virtually all sources agree alcohol prohibition was a complete and total failure.
smokey0990 says2018-12-21T00:16:23.6631843Z
Actually, You're right. You are most likely exaggerating the point, As well as putting words in my mouth, Which was followed by comparisons that I will reserve judgment on simply because I was completely wrong about everything I said after my first post in this comment section. That and I was generally being an asshole, So I was really asking for it. As for your links, Those didn't really work out. The first one actually lead me to a dead end at first. Then I googled it and found an article with the same date and with that exact title so I'm pretty sure it's the one you meant. Weird that it did that since as far as I can tell you made no errors on the web address. The article itself was pure opinion backed up by no evidence and no facts, The author certainly stated his opinion as if it were fact. However it was still just an opinion, Which is probably why it's in the "opinion" section. Your second link brought me to a study on the "Effect of chlorphentermine on the lipids of rat lungs. " I assume you didn't actually mean to link to that since it has nothing to do with prohibition. Still the site that study was on is a site I've used to gather information before so I searched it for a relevant study. I only managed to find one, It was pretty decent and I can post the link if you want. Although, I was unable to verify any of it's sources. Most source links I tried were blocked behind paid subscriptions (which isn't exactly uncommon, Unfortunately) but others turned up absolutely nothing. Still, It was good enough to raise question so I started searching. As it turns out, The opinions of the experts on the topic is very consistent in claiming that prohibition did, In fact lower alcohol consumption rates. Which simply put, Means that I was wrong. I didn't give you the respect I give most and simply dismissed your argument without going back and looking it up (exactly what I accused you of doing). For that, I sincerely apologize. In hindsight, It was really stupid of me. That still does not mean I agree with prohibition, That brought far too many problems with it for me to do that. Still as far as alcohol consumption rates go, You were right and you deserve credit for that. Seriously, Thank you for calling my bullshit. I wouldn't know better otherwise.
zhaod1 says2018-12-21T01:02:49.0248026Z
Smokey1990 You're welcome! I think it's because that prohibition created a big black market that many would consider prohibition to be a failure. However, It is also true that while prohibition raised crime rates in other areas, It lowered crime rates related to alcohol abuse, So the crime rate was pretty level from the beginning to the end of it. To me, I think its a tradeoff between public health vs individual freedom. In truth, Though, I am undecided in an alcohol ban, Because some alcoholic drinks like red wine is healthy in moderate amounts. However, My opinion would be that prohibition would be better off if redirected at cocaine and heroin, Because those drugs are already unpopular, And are harmful and dangerous. Of course, Though, It's just my opinion, And I shouldn't decide for others. One more thing: I think we can agree on that there should be a balance between freedom and government, Right?
SWATSniper says2019-07-12T13:46:31.7484449Z
Let's ruin cartel business by legalizing all drugs!

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