Should all 'gadgets' be banned at our school, with the exception of specific ICT lessons?

Posted by: learningacademies

  • Yes, all gadgets should be banned, apart from during specific ICT lessons.

  • No, gadgets should not be limited to just ICT classes.

16% 7 votes
84% 36 votes
  • Technology causes distraction this causes bad grades this causes bad life!!!!

  • Because technology is the future! We need to use these more and more!

  • Gadgets shouldn't be limited to itc lessons because it can be beneficial to children's knowledge to research about certain topics and I think that parents minds would be at rest knowing that their child can talk to them to tell them what's happening and that they are ok.

  • I think gadgets should not be limited to just ICT because if used properly they can teach children through the use of educational games and websites.

  • Just because

  • I think computers should not be banned because if kids need to use internet for homework but they don't have internet they wouldn't be able to look for the answers at school

  • Not sweg

  • Because without technology we are very restricted, technology is the future and without it it's very hard to access good sources of information and I gotta keep up with the latest bant

    Posted by: NYJAXZ
  • Then I won't be able to text my parents if anything happened that I don't know about.

  • Because I can

  • That's gay

  • I don't think gadgets should be banned because it limits the ability to communicate with others in case of emergencies. For instance if your parents had to remind or warn you of something via text or any other communications service, you would not be able to respond back without being distracted from your education or penalised for using your technology within the school grounds.

  • Why should we be limited if it were not for gadgets these days we would be far behind a load of countries. Gadgets are our Main source of communication and had it not been for the men who have created the invisible world of the internet and power posts we would probably be in the stone age so everybody should not be limited to use of their gadgets,but not using them in class, but that is just my opinion.

  • Because of emergencies

  • I don't think gadgets should be limited in school because what if you had no way to get home, you could call someone to come and pick you up. It also restricts your education from widening and growing to the best of your ability.

  • Gadgets are smart and help us improve the way we live our lives and learn

  • We need these things in school to socialise and in case of an emergency

  • Because gadgets are fun

  • The reasons of which technology shouldn't be banned as it's an educational device to further expand our knowledge in a click of a button not only that but it's an easy way to communicate with family and relatives in emergency circumstances. Also the variety of educational games available to help develop our key skills shouldn't be stamped out.

  • Gadgets should not be limited because they can come in handy during lesson, when some of the equipment is not available which in some cases might happen . On the other hand this privilege can be abused but going on inappropriate media sites but all together gadgets should not be banned because they can be helpful because less hassle buying new gadgets which could save money and time.

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DreamSymphony00 says2014-04-22T20:46:24.6060933-05:00
I bet most the people that said yes only said so because they can't live without their cellphones or tablets...
SwagNinja says2014-04-29T10:11:00.7960130-05:00
That is true
RelentlessComputerFreak says2014-04-29T10:12:57.4954746-05:00
Yes that is true, I don't have internet though.
BabeMagnet69 says2014-04-29T10:22:06.4153836-05:00
BabeMagnet69 says2014-04-29T10:22:29.3176130-05:00

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