• Yes, all parent should attend parenting classe

  • No, all parent should not attend parenting classe

52% 12 votes
48% 11 votes
  • They still have a right to choose not to adhere to certain parts of the classes after attending it.

  • There's the potential to raise their kids better.

  • Only to a certain degree. Parents shouldn't be told how to treat their children, but instead be taught all health facts and learning facts regarding development and various methods to accomplish certain things reguarding those facts.

    Posted by: Letrus
  • It is there choice to be a parent or not!

  • because shrek is real

  • Parenting classes do not by any means imply that a person is a bad parent. But it's naive to think that a child won't drastically change your life. By taking classes that educate you on what you can do as a parent, not only are you learning skills that can help improve your life as a parent, but it's a network of people most likely facing the same challenges as you. It works as a system of support. Sometimes, it can be nice to know that you aren't the only one facing struggles with your new baby.

  • I think parent knows what would be the best thing for their children and they have their own right and choice.

  • Thats overreach and overinvolvement. Its their kids. I do think it should be part of a punishment if the oarent commits some sort of minor crime related to how they are parenting their kids, like a first offense thing.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • WHO WANTS TO BE TOLD HOW TO RAISE THEIR KIDS?! SRSLY?! Sorry! Feels good to get that out... now time to get serious. Only the parent knows who their kid is, therefore classes should not be mandatory. They shouldn't be mandatory, but if the parent feels like they need it, they can attend. It should be the parents' choice though

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