Should all people be pro-choice?

Posted by: SegBeg

I'm pro-life so I don't believe in abortion, however I know people have different views and I respect that, but what I don't respect is when people say you should follow THEIR agenda- follow as THEY see fit when in reality their way could be the wrong way. What do you think?

  • Yes.

  • No.

36% 12 votes
64% 21 votes
  • Being pro-choice means you have 2 options; to abort or not abort. Let's remember that there doesn't seem to be any punishment or shaming of the men that help to impregnate the women. Sometimes the pill isn't always 99% effective, especially when used with other medications. And having one's tubes tied doesn't always prevent a pregnancy either. I think women should have a choice since men have a choice whether or not they want to stick around.

  • If you aren't ready for a baby or conceived from rape or a teenage pregnancy and you don't want the baby then don't have it. You should be allowed to choose as a basic human right. It isn't a question.

  • Pro-choice is an intelligent position. Pro-life is an emotional position. The fact is, humans do not matter, so reacting to the "murder" of a fetus is foolish and naive. However, weighing factors and then making an informed, conscious decision is intellectually correct.

  • No. Not all people should be pro-choice. I get that pro-choicers feel for the woman, but pro-lifers do as well. However, people have many different reasons for being pro-life rather than pro choice. For example you expect a person whose mother tried to abort them to be pro-choice? I wouldn't. I mean if they chose to be that way that's a different story but most of the time they end up being pro-life. Anyway, no I do not believe everyone should be pro-choice.

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • I don't have the "right to chose" if someone else lives...

  • Murder of innocents is not a choice.

  • Because life is at conception. there has been no scientific proof of any kind stating that a baby is not actual life when it is conceived. even if the situation involves rape, a baby should not be held responsible, the perpetrator should. also people who are pro choice are contradicting themselves. liberals are totally cool calling it double homicide when a pregnant woman is murdered, but its for really life in the womb when a woman wants an abortion.

  • When we as a society begin to redefine what is a human and what is not we are no better then those who called blacks non-humans in slave era United States. Or those in Nazi Germany defining Jews as non-human. Defining who is a human and who is not is a slippery slope that we as a society should not go down. A fetus has just as many rights as you or I. A fetus is valuable and pro-lifers seem to think they can get rid of that value just by saying the mother doesn't want it.

  • Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Not everyone will or should agree with you. The right to life overrides any right to bodily autonomy.

    Posted by: Dilara
  • No. Abortion should be the only option for the dead fetus, rape victim and pregnancy by incest. As for the pro-choice community, you should encourage the self-responsibility in people to take the methods to prevent the pregnancy.

  • Child's right to live outweighs the mother's choice to her body.

  • No! That would be oppressive in a way. But all people should be forced to be egalitarian. I wouldn't mind that.

  • I think I don't like the word "should" in questions without stated goals in mind. It leaves the question open to interpretation. When that happens the answers are more a reflection of the person answering than the question.

  • Absolutely not! Children have the right to live. If you truly support women's rights, then stop aborting unborn girls! (Not saying we should abort boys, but feminists are ironic when they support abortion based on gender, especially when you are aborting a girl because of her gender.)

  • Life beings when the sperm fertilizes the egg. That's a simple, scientific fact. Just because the baby inside the womb is smaller than the mother doesn't give you the right to kill it. The pro-choice movement is very dangerous, what with its "women's rights" theme to mask the true horror of abortion.

  • I'm pro-choice so I believe that you should do as you choose. Being pro-life is your choice and I respect that, but no one should be forced to believe in something they don't want to believe in.

  • No. I personally feel that it's unfair of us to treat the woman's life as somehow more important than the baby's. No life is insignificant, and I don't think it's fair to kill a life to make someone else's life a bit more convenient.

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Dilara says2016-08-06T03:33:10.0770412Z
Couchgolfer No one should be shamed for pregnancy. And men dont get a choice in whether the child is aborted.
Couchgolfer says2016-08-06T14:05:02.6542143Z
Dilara - From 1991-2004 a study was done in the US and it showed over 1,300 pregnant women had died by physical abuse from either their husband or boyfriend. Most states don't even take count. Plenty of men do not feel they should be obligated to pay child support and will pressure a woman into getting an abortion. Or if the female is young and living at home it's sometimes the parents telling the girl to get an abortion. Having an abortion is not something the majority of women take lightly. And considering about 700 women die annually from complications from pregnancy, or during childbirth, or after child birth, the option to have an abortion in a sterlized facility is better than having no options.
harrytruman says2016-08-06T16:11:55.6233207Z
Neither the man nor woman should chose if someone else lives or not
Dilara says2016-08-07T04:25:52.6178224Z
You're right many women are pressured into abortion by parents, boy friends ect. And even those who do it by choice often have a hard time with it. Some regret it. But this doesn't make it right. And abortion does increase risk for premature births, miscarriges and other problems later in life.
Couchgolfer says2016-08-07T11:21:36.1434376Z
Harrytruman - I do and don't agree with you. There's the quality of life one should consider. If the fetus has multiple complications that will leave them in a vegetative state or with the IQ of an infant, where they will never learn to walk or talk or feed their self, is it fair to bring them into this world? Not a lot of people are mentally, emotionally, or financially prepared to care for special needs children. And if a woman has an aggressive form of cancer during pregnancy she has to weigh in which is more improtant, receiving chemo or keeping the baby and dying within a few months after its birth. Not all abortions are about it being an inconvenience.
Dilara says2016-08-08T16:29:31.6916858Z
Couchgolfer. There are people with disabilities whose lives are worth living. Killing that baby because you don't want to care for it is selfish. But these cases are rare, usually it is about convenience.
Dilara says2016-09-14T03:40:14.7290146Z
Not being ready is no reason to kill someone. Life is a basic human right. You cannot kill one.
Dilara says2016-09-17T17:15:39.3366761Z
Morals can be forced on people if they prevent killing.
Dilara says2016-10-08T04:19:16.1289718Z
TimtheImpaler PL is an intelligent position. Its mot just based on emotion. Its based on facts about embryology. We believe that human lives should not be killed. Pretty logical. When any human is killed, people should respond. And we should try and prevent all killings. Making any decision that ends with an innocent person death is never correct. You are putting your convenience over someones life. No one who knows about embryology can make the "informed" or "conscience decision" to kill one.

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