Should all school age kids receive vaccinations?

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reece says2015-07-19T20:38:54.1300114-05:00
@gabep Yeah, it's a vicious cycle.
triangle.128k says2015-07-19T22:13:33.9506116-05:00
The vaccines are tools created by the satanist illuminati. 0bama is secretly Hillary Clinton in disguise, and he's doing so to run for more terms. That way, he can impliment his plan further into turning the US into a Communist marxist-leninist new world order. He's pushing vaccines so everybody will be too autistic as well as other issues to vote against him. Wake up everyone, vaccines are EVIL.
dietorangesoda says2015-07-20T11:49:58.8590774-05:00
What a bunch of bs
MasturDbtor says2015-07-20T21:40:06.4129069-05:00
@ benhos That wasn't the question. Whether it's required or not should they receive vaccinations?
Network says2015-07-22T16:39:31.8715381-05:00
Which vaccine? I could see a difference between the recommended vaccines that have been around for decades and experimental vaccines that have been around for less than a year. The former gets the most blame, which is especially egregious since the people making the blame are ignorant sheeps who still didn't get over the fact that autism is genetic, and doesn't even mean at all what they think it means.
PericIes says2015-07-29T02:04:12.4766246-05:00
It should be optional.
Tumblrnatic says2015-09-10T10:59:31.6027297Z
@utherpenguin that has not been proven and in the uk there has been studies which show that it doesnt cause measles
V5RED says2015-09-11T02:36:29.0298282Z
If we allow parents to choose whether or not to have their children vaccinated, then we are allowing them to choose to put their children on a path free of preventable deadly diseases versus a path filled with preventable deadly diseases. This could also be called allowing parents to care for their children or abuse them. I would suggest that choosing not to vaccinate is one of the few criteria that I would say automatically makes a parent unfit to care for their children. They are buying into propaganda from non professionals and putting their children's lives at risk.
Bluepaintcan123 says2015-09-12T14:36:12.7116538Z
Should not allowing their kids to be vaccinated be considered child neglect? Anything to do with disease isn't mentioned for it, but making sure their child gets proper care should be considered as a requirement. When I look at the situation with anti-vaccine people, it reminds me of faith healers who let their children die because they think that faith in God will save them. They are refusing to get help for something that is easily preventable, then their children face the consequences of their parents actions. These people shouldn't even have children if this is how they treat them.
benhos says2015-09-18T22:16:29.4848941Z
Vaccines should be optional and up to parents until maybe age 13.
Bluepaintcan123 says2015-09-19T13:24:11.8589138Z
When you are a child, its really dangerous for your parents not to give you a vaccine because you haven't fully developed your immune system. Not giving babies vaccine would just put them in more danger, and vaccines aren't even dangerous. Most people around me regularly get vaccinated including me and we haven't died from it, or got autism or whatever people claim vaccines do. Anti-vaccine people are just trying to spread disease for no reason, so why should we let them? Their children would probably die before they think that vaccines are exactly what they are: a method to prevent diseases.
58539672 says2015-09-19T15:33:11.1465243Z
triangle.128k says2015-09-19T15:41:02.2287007Z
@58539672 That video was hilarious.
Emilrose says2015-09-19T15:47:04.2648628Z
It should be entirely the parents' choice.
AlwaysRight12345 says2015-09-20T17:06:09.9963388Z
@Triangle: Are you smoking crack or just being sarcastic?
reece says2015-09-22T11:43:31.0928186Z
@Emilrose You know the parents would be putting other kids in harm too that haven't got their shots? I think it shouldn't be the parents choice at all.
INTresting says2015-09-22T19:35:00.2375832Z
Many health care professionals, doctors and scientist do not vaccinate their own families due to the risks. Congress created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP); to help victims of adverse vaccine reactions. There is currently more than $3 billion available in a federal trust fund to compensate people hurt by vaccines. More than $2 billion has already been paid out to Americans with vaccine injuries since 1988. Think about this... If you are afraid of getting a disease vaccinate yourself. IF the vaccine works, you are then supposedly protected. You have nothing to fear from others that choose not to be injected with the following chemicals: MMR vaccine live measles (Enders' attenuated Edmonston), mumps (Jeryl LynnTM), rubella (Wistar RA 27/3), and varicella (oka/Merck) strains of viruses neomycin monosodium L-glutamate (MSG), potassium chloride, potassium phosphate monobasic, potassium phosphate dibasic, sodium bicarbonate, sodium phosphate dibasic, sorbitol, and sucrose human albumin, HUMAN DIPLOID CELLS FROM ABORTED FETUSES, residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and proteins, bovine serum, hydrolized gelatin, and chicken embryo "Should all school age kids receive vaccinations?" ABSOLUTELY NO! Many of those kids are allergic to the ingredients. The CDC even recommends that some children NOT be vaccinated.
AlwaysRight12345 says2015-09-22T20:38:28.9182600Z
@INTresting, I don't think you really understand the whole vaccination situation. Herd immunity is a concept that basically involves everyone around someone (such as an elderly person, an infant, a child with an allergy, etc.) that for whatever reason cannot receive the vaccine. In the grand scheme of things, only a very small percentage of children actually cannot receive a vaccination, and so everyone else needs to make sure that they do for the good of those people. The fact that there is funding for anyone that takes a vaccine that shouldn't for compensation only strengthens these facts.
INTresting says2015-09-23T02:15:02.3945218Z
AR12345 You are wrong. I do fully understand the whole vaccination situation". I am not a fan of FORCED chemical injections of murdered babies, and other toxic chemicals into a human. You however argue that injuring and even killing a few to "save" the herd is worth the loss of life.
Blade0886 says2015-09-23T05:59:56.6153492Z
Hum. "Most children are allergic to the ingredients" No offence mate, but where did you get that idea from? Vaccin allergy only concerns a very small minority of people in general, let alone children. You don't develop an allergy during your life, nor do you get rid of one. You're born with it, or you're not. And while I do not have official stats at hand, cases of vaccin allergy don't concern more than 2 or 3% of the total population.
FantumHeist says2015-09-24T17:00:09.9924005Z
If I was a kid I would not want to get sick because my dad/mom did take me to get a vaccine, vaccines should be mandatory
FantumHeist says2015-09-24T17:02:29.9587033Z
Unless your like allergic to the chemicals inside or something like that
Vox_Veritas says2015-10-23T23:00:27.5006153Z
After a certain age, yes. It's definitely overkill to vaccinate an infant or a 2 year old.
harrytruman says2015-12-16T02:55:01.7666160Z
Some people are allergic, I don't think that you can say they are bad because they cause autism though, this is ridiculous, for one, autism is genetic, for two, the average autistic person is smarter than the average person. List of autistic people: Nikola Tesla Albert Einstein Me
XXXCANDY says2015-12-16T18:34:56.4572728Z
No da fuq?
DerKurbis says2015-12-17T17:36:24.3748190Z
Well, is the government forcing them to have immunizations to go to school, or is the school forcing them to have immunizations?
58539672 says2015-12-18T04:12:05.1938820Z
@DerKurbis If their public schools, then it is the same thing.
SydBreed010 says2015-12-22T17:17:44.4882442Z
I completely believe in vaccinations and I think wholeheartedly that vaccinations are a big reason we have all survived this long BUT I don't know if we all have the right to tell people that they HAVE to inject a substance into their child. Some people (again- not me) have a very strong opinion that vaccinations are harmful and could hurt or disable their child. It's a double edged sword, though, because if you allow parents to make the decisions they think are best for their child or you run the risk of allowing those children to contract diseases we absolutely are able to prevent. It's a tough subject.

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