Should all schools have pools

Posted by: westywoo

Doing this for social assignment please vote one and leave a comment on why

  • We should have pools in our schools

  • We should not have pools in our schools

78% 14 votes
22% 4 votes
  • They should if they have the money as it is great for exercise and lessons such as life saving in water. Our school has a pool. :)

  • It allows all people of that school to learn the benifits of water safety. Also ot gives a chance for P.E. classes to teach kids one of the most physically active activities.

  • If they have the means (funding, space on property, liability insurance, staffing, etc.) then sure. I don't think it should be 'required' per se, as that is just impossible for every school to do. For example, my elementary school i went to is a very old, tiny building located in a rural college village where this just isn't possible, but some districts may have the space and money.

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JordanCJKM says2016-04-10T09:53:33.3609940Z
Not all schools have the financial capability. But if the school is, then yes it should have a pool.

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