Should all Schools only teach evolution?

Posted by: littlewassmuth

Poll closed on 3/23/2015 at 12:00PM.
  • Yes

  • NO

78% 25 votes
22% 7 votes
  • Evolution is a very important theory that all kids should know.

  • Yes, evolution should be the only subject taught in schools, screw maths

  • The only aspect of creationism that should be taught in school is the fact that it's COMPLETELY FALSE.

  • What else would you suggest they teach? Nothing else has any evidence to support it. If you want to learn mumbojumbo, go to church.

  • Makes more sense to teach something supported with evidence than something not supported with evidence, lol

  • My school only teaches evolution and i live in the south with a lot of religious people. No one has ever conplained in my class. They just oass the test and go in with their beliefs or they already believe in bith their religion and evolution.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • If your beliefs are so weak that you can't even handle learning a different belief then you probably shouldn't be in a public school

  • Evolution, at this point is the most reasonable explanation for everything. We shouldn't waste any more time of civilizations time teaching religion and god which don't exist.

  • Yes. And religious views of how the humans and all forms of life came to be should merely be taught as literature.

  • Evolution is a biological fact, and all you christians need to get over it, YOU'RE NOT A SCIENTIFIC AUTHORITY, If we ban teaching evolution then we should ban teaching gravity.

  • Parents should have to sign off saying their children may learn about evolution because there are different religions out there and evolution conflicts with many of them. Plus it is concerning that teachers could be very "pushy" about the subject.

  • When I was in high-school: I got kicked out of class for daring to question the religion of evolution.

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Texas14 says2015-03-18T21:31:10.1416304-05:00
Teach evolution, but leave space for intelligent design, and don't say that creation is untrue because there is no evidence for that.
Spectre2 says2015-03-18T21:32:15.5199731-05:00
@Texas14, which creationism? Christian creationism?
Texas14 says2015-03-18T21:34:37.0893355-05:00
The idea of creationism in general. The idea of intelligent design.
Exmortus says2015-03-19T08:10:40.9987987-05:00
Religion is the most retarded human creation
Texas14 says2015-03-19T08:18:46.3197883-05:00
debate_power says2015-03-19T14:57:53.0356248-05:00
Religion of evolution, haha.
debate_power says2015-03-19T14:58:52.5796797-05:00
Well, to assume that ID is scientific without evidence is just to make an argument from ignorance... Now why would you want to encourage kids to commit logical fallacies?
Tonius5 says2015-03-19T15:16:55.5732525-05:00
@debate_power Religion: "the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods." By definition: the theory of evolution is a religion.
triangle.128k says2015-03-19T16:21:58.2282000-05:00
@Tonius5 Wrong, Evolution is a SCIENTIFIC theory, not a religion. Religion is a set of beliefs and ect. A scientific theory is a proven fact and all evidence points towards it. Evolution isn't supernatural, you clearly don't understand Evolution.
Tonius5 says2015-03-19T17:31:08.6337845-05:00
No. I understand evolution very well, considering I believed it without question for most of my life. People treat evolution like a religion. Worshiping it, talking about some "next step" like it's the coming of the Messiah. And you also get people killing each other for the benefit of it (Ex: Hitler and his Eugenics).
Mister_Man says2015-03-19T18:10:53.8941117-05:00
"Treating evolution like a religion" does not make it a religion, and technically you cannot treat evolution like a religion. Evolution is the theory that living organisms adapt to their environment, in a nutshell. Religion, like you said, is the worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a God or Gods. Evolution is not a superhuman power or a God - it is a natural event. And to "worship" a natural event is... Well okay, that "works" but it's not the same as worshipping a Supernatural thing.
Boidiva02 says2015-03-24T15:00:52.0928728-05:00
Evolution is based on scientific fact and should be taught. Religious institutions should teach intelligent design, isn't that what churches are for anyways?
Oliver443ify says2015-03-30T21:23:00.7994828-05:00
I'd say no, but one should be teached as factual, other in a religious studies class, to actually be aware that this sort of thing exists...
fandomcutie says2015-04-01T17:38:47.7513017-05:00
Evolution is a theory, and so i creationism. So, why not teach both? As long as they are taught as what they are, theories, there should be no problem. Students should be able to hear multiple points of view on how something could have happened and then choose for themselves what they believe. On the side note, until someone gives solid evidence there is no God, please stop saying there is not. While I'm aware there is no solid proof that there is a God, there is no proof there is not a God. So, please, stop.
triangle.128k says2015-04-01T17:51:07.4752766-05:00
@fandomcutie Evolution is a SCIENTIFIC theory. Creationism is just a false concept. If someone believes in god, they can believe in theistic evolution.
Mister_Man says2015-04-01T18:45:12.2560927-05:00
Fandomcutie - the difference is that evolution is a theory backed with loads of evidence and facts, whereas creationism is a theory with zero evidence to support it.

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