Should America rescue, or intervene for this Sudanese woman?

Posted by: Fight4Liberty

  • No, America should not rescue, or intervene for the Sudanese woman.

  • Yes, America should rescue, or intervene for the Sudanese woman.

44% 4 votes
56% 5 votes
  • Yes. And if it's too late, I say yes we should have back when it wasn't too late.

  • It would appear that leverage could be applied via "Aid funds" as it would be hardly ethical to support a Government that abuses the most basic of human rights. We all have the right to choose our religion or otherwise and to be with who we love.

  • America only intervenes when it is profitable for them. its time they did something outside of their own fat bellies and helped out rather than helping themselves

  • We should help these poor women

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Kreakin says2014-05-31T19:19:31.5693409-05:00
Pleased to read she is now going to be released in a day or two.

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