• Yes

  • No

86% 6 votes
14% 1 votes
  • Yes, they are the best. They understand war, and won't have unnecessary wars, excluding bush. I always have respect for them, as being a soldier requires honor, discipline, and many other things.

  • They know that things have to get done, obviously the boneless, spineless, corrupt ones in Washington are only getting a small bit of that message.

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Stefy says2015-05-16T08:47:24.7127467-05:00
If they want...?
Midnight1131 says2015-05-16T10:31:49.9403321-05:00
Yeah, I doubt that every single veteran would make a great politician, but as Stefy said, if they want to they can, it's not like they're banned.
Stefy says2015-05-16T11:04:10.2308073-05:00
Yeah ^ Theres nothing specific to veterans that would maje them better or worse politicians thats why this question kind or confuses me.
FrEeMaSoN1692 says2015-05-16T11:32:49.1499052-05:00
Veterans make good politicians because they have great leadership skills and are strong minded.

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