• Yes animals in captivity should be legal

  • No animals in captivity should be illegal

41% 11 votes
59% 16 votes
  • I believe that animal captivity is perfectly fine as long as the animals in captivity are treated well and either born into captivity or captured from the wild using ethical means. Not all of us are millionaires, and really enjoy looking at the lion exhibit in the zoo rather than having to go on an expensive trip to Africa to see them. Also, scientists are able to study captive animals more economically and easily.

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  • I feel like the person who has picked no supports many of the things PETA does and says.

  • 1. Meat is good for you 2. Keeping animals in captivity protects them (constant supply of food) 3. Keeping animals in captivity protects their species (breeding program) 4. In captivity there be no poachie-ie wildlife so noooo extinct

  • because in texas we lynch negroes

  • in a perfect world - which is implied by the word 'should' in the question- human beings would limit themselves to allow the natural ecology of the planet to continue as evolution determined. Although we evolved, we have isolated ourselves from the normal state of natural selection which all other species are subject to. We use artificial medical techniques to avoid natural selection. We have done this to the detrement of the rest of the planet. The 6th mass extinction of the planet is currently underway with extinction rates ~50x the natural background rate. This is human caused. Captivity may in the real (not a should) world prevent the complete annihilation of certain species of animals, but it is sad that we have brought the world and ourselves to this point.

  • Animals were not put on this earth for our personal enjoyment. Animals were not put on this earth to be trapped in a cage for the rest of their lives. Animals were not put on this earth to be stripped from the only environment and culture they've ever known, and to be taken from their family. Yes, animals are slaughtered for meat. However, this is all that these animals have ever known. Yes, there are animals that are kept as pets, but these animals ( a majority ) are not held in cages for their entire life. The equivalent of an orca in their tank at Seaworld is the same as a human being trapped in a bathtub for the rest of their life. Tigers and Elephants, which are already extremely endangered, should not be born into captivity or captured, even if it is safely done. They should be allowed to roam the wild, like they were meant to be. Animals should not have to undergo the stress and confinement of zoos and parks; they are not here for us to enjoy. They are here to better our earth and help the Earth's ecology.

  • animal captivity should not be legal because those poor poor animals NEEEEED to be free with there animal pack!

  • Animal captivity causes animals to be socially and mentslly crazy and it also causes bad behavior.

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sexunicorns says2014-04-30T13:40:37.7430920-05:00
************as long as they are treated great!
butts1808 says2014-04-30T13:42:26.7056462-05:00
If you love something set it freeeeeee.
butts1808 says2014-04-30T13:42:52.8666785-05:00
If you love something set it freeeeeee.
Muttl200 says2014-04-30T14:16:27.3647755-05:00
It's also good because it prevents some animals from going extinct, like the Guam Rail. Now extinct in the wild but still alive and being breed in captivity.

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