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reece says2017-05-10T01:27:59.6134619Z
Congressionaldebater22, cloning is obsolete in that regard with the rise of cultured meat.
reece says2017-05-11T13:32:31.9796816Z
THEFATKID, coming from the person who is taking no stance on morality. Are you afraid?
Congressionaldebater22 says2017-05-11T20:41:55.7173171Z
Reece, no it is not. Cultured meat is simply a synthetic form of meat, and doesn't take on the complete role that an animal would. Animals can be used for labor to increase production of food, provide other consumables besides meat (eggs, milk - which extends very far.) Cultured meat is a niche market, whereas cloning animals would strengthen the main market.
reece says2017-05-12T01:42:08.4607353Z
I was just using cultured meat as a delphic term. Scientists can also make other synthetic consumables like eggs and milk.
Mharman says2017-05-19T14:28:19.5589592Z
@THEFATKID: Wrong. We need our morals to guide our future, so that we don't be come corrupt.

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