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infinite-inspirit says2013-09-21T03:51:50.8769225-05:00
Animal testing is no use.. Cause animals are different with humans,,,it's just waste of time, life, and money
abyteofbrain says2013-11-05T15:11:26.1017478-06:00
Animal testing rarely kills the animal. When it does, it's nearly always in purely scientific experiments. If we were to stop, say byby to medical technology advancements.
yay842 says2013-11-05T19:17:14.0878712-06:00
Well you named harmful effects of SOME animal testing. We're also animals. There are tests for us that doesn't have harmful effects.
yay842 says2013-11-05T19:18:13.5594993-06:00
Im not even going to list the bountiful number of testings on humans (humans are animals too) that dont have harmful effects
yay842 says2013-11-05T19:18:40.5632724-06:00
And not all tests bind the animals, dissect or torture them
PotBelliedGeek says2013-11-10T15:16:58.4128608-06:00
To say animal testing has no use demonstrates the fact that you have no scientific background. The advancements made via this method are profound. I do not support animal cruelty, but the benefits of animal testing so far outweigh the harms. If we came up with an alternative testing method that offered at least the same results, then I would be all for banning animal testing. Until then, I simply do not believe it is feasible.
fawny says2013-11-15T02:27:08.4298250-06:00
I think if animal testing was regulated for cruelty, I wouldn't feel so conflicted about it.
Formerland1 says2014-06-10T20:50:44.0880644-05:00
If we do not test on animals many human lives could be lost how much of a monster are you that you would sacrifice about 4000 people for 150 rabbits how is this even a question
MasterDebater0 says2014-08-30T18:10:13.3281313-05:00
Would anyone who said "yes" rather perform the same tests on humans, then?
MarsUltor says2015-06-06T06:06:39.5701401-05:00
@bostonmick1591 Are you saying that you think that Cosmetics are more important than medicine.
RawPotato says2015-06-07T05:25:13.5978879-05:00
Ok, say I'm having a dream.But I'm not.
RawPotato says2015-06-07T05:26:17.2223197-05:00
Search up "synthetic liver" and stuff like that. No use killing animals.

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