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themightyindividual says2015-09-28T23:22:29.3578689Z
I like looking at animals that are interesting. Do you need a better reason than that?
The_Aspiring_Sociologist says2015-09-29T20:52:39.2860369Z
Animals should only be in zoos if they were rejected from their natural home or they are disabled somehow.
themightyindividual says2015-10-03T18:47:24.3456553Z
But animals are fun to look at (gee, wow look at that big lion, he has big claws!) and can be displayed for everyone to see and at the same time turn a profit for the zoo company.
debatergirl77 says2015-12-08T00:45:45.1362530Z
Think about it, everyone . . . Being locked in a cage with glass windows where everyone can look at you. You feel insecure, even unsafe. And you can't hide or run away! It's not fair for these poor animals. Zoos should be banned!
Hicksthe4th says2016-01-13T21:18:35.8188963Z
Think about the animals feelings. I wouldn't want to be born with tons of people surrounding me and snapping photos and pointing and laughing.
Hicksthe4th says2016-01-13T21:50:12.6971692Z
Although if the animal goes extinct and a zoo has a female & a male they could reproduce, then we could help save the environment.
OliverLot says2016-04-11T15:04:42.5588274Z
Taking animals out of their own habitat to put in small cages so that people can take pictures of them its just cruel but yes there are a lot of endangered species that zoos help but its our fault they're endangered in the first place
MWonderWolf says2016-06-13T07:25:46.6111036Z
Themightyindividual is CRUEL. Imagine if YOU were that animal, like a lion, and people were all around, pointing and saying, ohh, look at that lion, what big claws he has. Or, even worse: YOU YOURSELF being trapped in a cage, nowhere to hide, and people are staring and taking pics of you and commenting random things about your looks, and not even caring that you feel uncomfortable about them doing that stuff. I doubt that you would like that much. Zoos don't care about the welfare of the animals that they house in captivity. They kill the animals all the time.

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