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s-begayda says2017-10-20T15:38:47.3892001Z
This is a vague question. Are we including humans because we are animals and that is not ok. But peoples want to see rear animals in zoos can benefit them because it gives them a safe place in which to live. This can help endangered animals.
ccfungclare says2017-10-21T08:08:49.4963802Z
Oh what would YOU feel if YOU are an animal, locked in cage and unable to do what you were MEANT to do? If my friend Broke was here, she'd DEFINITELY say no, she is a vegetarian and gave up eating her favorite ribs just because she likes animals and wants to protect them, what about putting you in a cage just for others to put you on photos.
reece says2017-10-21T18:51:31.7772036Z
@ccfungclare Depends on the type of animal. If I was an insect, I wouldn't feel much.
saltyunknownsuit says2017-10-29T20:11:29.3718854Z
There is nothing wrong with keeping animals in zoos as long as the animals are being treated correctly
Sushmitha.Shivani says2017-10-30T20:46:55.6734483Z
@saltyunknownsuit would it be right to keep a human locked up in a room as long as he is treated correctly.
ccfungclare says2017-10-31T10:47:48.4915872Z
@reece If I am an insect, I can go anywhere but does it only counts animals?

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