Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?

Posted by: Chris10F

  • Animal testing should be banned

  • Animal testing should be continued

47% 7 votes
53% 8 votes
  • Well, human MIGHT be an intelligent life, but does this means we have the right to step over other species freedom and life???????? What would you feel if you were used to test for others? I believe that any lives has their own freedom. Alright, you might say that if the test succeeds, it might help both human and animals, but what if it fails? Did you have the animals agreement? Why can humans have a choice and animals just gets forced to? It is just like making your child study a school he/she refuses! So I believe that animal testings should be banned

  • I believe that it is not fair to test things on animals. The animals have no choice in the matter, and it could cause then great pain. I believe scientific advanememts are important, but I also think that scientists should test on themselves or ask for volunteers that actually have a choice.

  • There should be a limit to the animals tested, but we need something for testing. Probably reward the companies slightly for doing it on less intelligent beings/giving them anaesthesia.

  • I hate the thought of it but it should continue. TESTING COSMETIC PRODUCTS ON ANIMALS SHOULD BE BANNED, but researching diseases and medications is something we have to do.

    Posted by: Hyde1
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Skeptical1 says2017-04-28T20:48:32.2954602Z
Torture of animals is disgusting. No matter what justification you think there might be, it is always wrong.
Disputator says2017-04-29T18:04:54.0942817Z
@Skeptical1 But then we have to test on humans... We have to test on something. Best to do it a) with anaesthesia and b) on the least intelligent organism that would work for the experiment.
Skeptical1 says2017-04-29T21:54:52.7607616Z
@disputator There are plenty of human subjects available - go through the prisons and pull out all the mass murderers and the child-rapists. Test on them. And why is intelligence the criteria by which we decide whether a creature should be tortured? That would mean that the most fragile and vulnerable in our own society should be subjected to laboratory experiments. I don't think we have any moral right to inflict horrendous pain and suffering on another species to benefit our own - whether that be a cat, a rabbit, a mouse or a monkey.
Skeptical1 says2017-04-29T21:59:54.3399616Z
@disputator Furthermore, my understanding is that in a great many cases, animal testing proves nothing conclusive, and in all cases, human clinical trials are required before approval is granted. Therefore, if human trails are always necessary anyway, why subject innocent animals to these barbaric practices?
Tiffany89 says2017-04-29T22:12:54.5414948Z
Punishing someone for breaking a crime is absolutely inhumane and senseless. You'd rather do this than experiment on an animal that doesn't even know what it's going through
Skeptical1 says2017-04-29T23:33:19.8099616Z
@Tiffany89 Punishing people for rape and murder is inhumane? Interesting concept. As for the idea that small mammals don't suffer, I think you need to do some research on this.

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