Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?

Posted by: Chris10F

  • Animal testing should be banned

  • Animal testing should be continued

65% 39 votes
35% 21 votes
  • Animals have to suffer a lot for are own action's and they deserve not to! Animals cant speak for there selves so that is why I think that animals testing should be BANNED!!

  • Animals do not have the same reactions to cosmetics and medications as humans do. By testing these things on them, we are making them suffer for no reason. Animals testing is cruel and ineffective.

  • I personally love animals and don't want to see them suffer. If they suffer, we probably shouldn't use it anyway.

  • It is just wrong to use innocent little creatures for our own entertainment purposes

  • What if the test fails?The animals will have a terrible life forever!

    Posted by: Gtvgc
  • We humans are an animal and we inflict suffering to millions of animals each day because of animal testing. We are the only animal that can voice opinions and we have the power to stop this heinous crime.

  • animals are killed or kept in captivity

    Posted by: Brit0
  • Animals should have their choice, humans signed contracts, but NOT animals, so why can we force an animal and not a human? What is different about it? We are both lives, but one of us can choose to step on others ONLY because we are intelligent, so can I say like " I am smarter than you, so YOU BE MY SLAVE!!"??? that makes NO sense right? So WHYYYYY ON EARTH can we do that to animals? How would you feel?

  • the only time animal testing is acceptable is when there is testing for a potentially lifesaving medication and it needs to be tested before clinical trials begin. At all other times, it is completly unacceptable.

    Posted by: Tom1
  • It is vile that people could agree for it to be continued. We use beings weaker than ourselves to inject, chemically burn and otherwise torture in the name of beauty or medicine. They are not on the Earth for people to use as tests, they are living beings who deserve to live peacefully not be stuck in a cage scared and alone before being injected with poisonous substances. All for a new mascara or a potential treatment. Humans are a sickening species

  • ANIMAL TESTING SHOULD BE BANNED UNLESS THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD. This is basically the equivalent of animal abuse. You take a living thing and make it under go vile treatments. This is morally wrong!! Animals also have feelings too. An alternative to animal testing could be taking some of their cells. Small enough to not harm them but a good amount to test with.

  • Animal experiments are cruel, unreliable, and even dangerous. The harmful use of animals in experiments is not only cruel but also often ineffective.

  • While the practice is disgusting and horrible, I do think that we should test it on them before actual people.

  • For scientific studies, yes. While it is horrible what can happen to the animals, I would rather have some lab animals test the early versions of new medications than humans.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • We have to. That's reality.

  • This practice is necessary. The alternative is testing everything on humans which is far more immoral.

  • It is necessary many medecines are still tested out on animals

  • What are we else supposed to test on? The garbage can?

  • Although it may seem cruel, it is needed to help with medical advancements. I am type 1 diabetic, (not type 2, know the difference) and I would be dead right now if it wasn't for the scientist that extracted insulin out of the pancreas of a pig.

    Posted by: Mamu
  • I hate the thought of it but it should continue. TESTING COSMETIC PRODUCTS ON ANIMALS SHOULD BE BANNED, but researching diseases and medications is something we have to do.

    Posted by: Hyde1
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SNP1 says2017-04-29T14:19:51.3830638Z
LFHdebate: Umm, while it isn't 100% the same the reactions are similar and it allows us to get to safer versions of the medication for human trials. It is like you never researched the topic.
Shelby17 says2018-03-25T03:19:59.3190085Z
SNP1 If you want it test it on yourself.

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