Should artists have maximum freedom in the society?

Posted by: Slushiie

  • Yes

  • No

72% 13 votes
28% 5 votes
  • Artists should have maximum freedom as they are the ones who have the skill of capturing the essence of life in various art forms. Limiting them would lead to a very repressed and unhealthy society , censoring their views would do a gross injustice to society and nature.

  • I dont understand this? But I think all people should have maximum freedom. Like, as long as you don't violate the nap, feel free to do it.

  • Maximum Freedom is kind of a vague word.

  • It shouldn't be so that artists have to have maximum freedom- maximum freedom should be the default. I think in any case that while artists works are very pleasing, it is not the one of the utmost importance. So if one job in particular gets maximum freedom (which I'm against) it should be for people such as doctors, for their job is to save people's lives.

  • Their freedom ends when it infringes on mine.

  • As a professional composer, I believe that artists should never face censor. Nevertheless, we must adhere to the law just as any other citizen must. For instance, being an artist should not give you a special privilege to use drugs legally or commit crimes. It is my personal believe that artists should not cheapen their art by creating works that are vile, crude, political or extremely controversial simply to gain attention or to change to world. I am an idealist and believe that art should dwell in a special place; where it serves to elevate humanity above worldly problems, rather than drag us through the mess of it all that we live with day to day anyways. But this is merely my personal philosophy.

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