Should "assault weapons" be banned? (read description)

Posted by: USN276

"assault weapons" are semi automatic rifles that cosmetically look like military rifles. (example is the AR 15)

  • Yes, "assault weapons" should be banned

  • NO, "assault weapons" should NOT be banned

8% 2 votes
92% 22 votes
  • banned for everyone except trained law enforcement and military police officers.

  • This argument about distinguishing "assault weapons" and "assault rifles" is distracting us from the crucial point. Some types of guns are too dangerous to be owned by the ordinary civilian.

  • I'm a libertarian socialist, not a Democrat, and I believe that "assault weapons" should be kept around and that murder with them should remain banned.

  • Just make sure that the people getting them are responsible and can be trusted.

  • I'm glad you didn't phrase a rifle as "assault rifle" because that is a made up term. Also you shouldn't say "assault weapon" because that is a very broad term, you can use any gun any sword, or knife for assault. You could also classify hands or tables as assault weapons.

  • I'm a libertarian capitalist, and I think these should be kept around. To protect us, and our country

  • What would happen without them? America could be taken and all civilians would not be able to defend themselves properly. Most body armor used by military forces in this modern day cannot be penetrated by simple, low-caliber pistols. Making it almost impossible to defend against an attack on a city or county.

  • Why not ban bank robbery as well... the problem is that the honest people will listen, but the people who would use these for a crime will not turn theirs in, and will find and underground way to get them as well......... besides that it goes against the constitution!

  • Really

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USN276 says2015-04-29T15:07:36.2946142-05:00
If you wonder why i have asked this poll so many times, it's because I'm curious of what the general view of this topic is.
debate_power says2015-04-29T15:14:07.7886605-05:00
I'm with you all the way if you're pro-gun. Especially in cases with guns that merely look like military weapons. I mean, people can buy all sorts of things for recreation besides guns, so why not guns?
USN276 says2015-04-29T15:19:02.4226106-05:00
I just can't fathom why people want to ban guns because they're scary looking. People don't seem to understand that these "scary features" on guns make the gun as effective as how a spoiler makes a car go faster. In other words, these people say you can own a gun that fires 100 rounds per minute, but once it fires 110 rounds per minute, then you're going over board
USN276 says2015-04-29T15:20:09.5024605-05:00
Cannedbread, i use the term "assault weapon" because it is familiar with the public. You noticed I put quotes around the word because I'm not very supportive of the word
CannedBread says2015-04-29T15:28:57.3206374-05:00
Cool, thanks.
CannedBread says2015-04-29T15:29:28.2870344-05:00
But I'm still very glad you didn't say "Assault rifles"
debate_power says2015-04-29T15:33:09.9502762-05:00
Well, scare factor is an advantage in battle, from a historical standpoint. I don't know how scary an assault rifle copy really is, though, because I've never been around one... But I have to say that they look cool in photographs.
USN276 says2015-04-29T15:40:46.9737354-05:00
Logistical assasinator, explain why these "assault weapons" should be banned? What makes them so different from a gun that "doesn't look scary"?
PetersSmith says2015-04-29T18:11:35.8670838-05:00
You seem to be unhealthily obsessed with assault weapons.
USN276 says2015-04-29T20:35:01.0834068-05:00
Only topic i really care bout on here
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-29T20:39:09.0375695-05:00
"You seem to be unhealthily obsessed with assault weapons." Ignore that, she once thought that I had an unhealthy obsession of weapons. Now she just wishes I would stop my "which is cuter polls"
Krampus says2015-04-30T08:01:15.1706022-05:00
First of all, we have banned "assault weapons" in the past, and it didn't work. I'm tired of everyone picking on the AR-15. Shooting is already an expensive hobby, and changing definitions of certain firearms/ammunition just so they can try and ban it or make it more expensive isn't helping. I don't accept the term "assault weapon". It was a term invented in the 90's to get people to be afraid of certain firearms that Clinton wanted to ban(i.E. The grossly unsuccessful 1994 assault weapons ban). There are rifles, and assault rifles, not "assault weapons", which are just rifles. Nothing more, nothing less.
debate_power says2015-04-30T10:04:35.8075533-05:00
I must confess that I like guns
mdmark says2015-05-01T14:16:28.9375455-05:00
Thank you krampus

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