Should assisted suicide (euthanasia) be made legal?

Posted by: Mikal

Specifically for the terminally ill

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Yes, If a patient is terminally ill it is their right to chose to end their pain

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No. It would be abused and the fall back is impossible to control

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Leigh-Anna says2013-09-05T17:46:44.4481271-05:00
I don't know how to feel about this.
rammstauffenberg says2013-10-11T11:31:38.1300244-05:00
Yes, it is the ultimate human right, to die with dignity and how you choose. You are the master of your decision of how much you may or may not suffer and how long you want to be a shell of your former self.
WhatAreYouDoing_JustStop says2014-04-28T15:37:55.7702270-05:00
"It's better to burn out, than to fade away." ~ Kurt Cobain
acrobatic.diver says2017-04-17T01:27:10.8595306Z
Negative debate on Assisted suicide should be legalized for terminally ill people “Suicide doesn’t solve your problems. It only makes them uncontrollably worse” Sin-aid O’Connor With these words in mind I stand firmly against the resolution that assisted suicide should be legalized for terminally ill people. My value for this debate is life because it is the most important gift God has chosen to give us all. I have two contentions, each of which upholds my value; Contention 1, The Religious Aspect Contention 2, What allowing assisted suicide will do Contention One; The Religious Aspect: A man, going to great lengths to care for his wife who had Alzheimer's was asked, "why do you put so much into her care? Can't you see what she has become?" The man said answers, "maybe, but I remember who she was.” No matter where you are in life, you are still human, and are still someone's loved one. God hasn’t put us on this earth for no reason, each of us have a purpose whether we know it or not. Only God has control when our last day on Earth will be. In Exodus 20 God states, “You shall not kill” that commandment refers to both murder and suicide. Considered a mortal sin, suicide will prevent you from entering the kingdom of heaven. Contention Two; What allowing Assisted Suicide will do: By law, allowing euthanasia will give more power to the Government not the individual. On the surface, it looks like you gain a new “right”. You actually turn over more power to the government and medical establishment. You already have the power to commit suicide at any time. But if you sign a paper agreeing to have your doctor do it for you, you are turning over your power to someone else. You are creating a mechanism for the government and medical people to enter into decisions as to who lives and who dies. If the federal government takes over even more of the medical care system, you will be turning over your right-to-decide to the federal government. Christopher reeve considered assisted suicide, but turned into a hero. In his autobiography, "still me,” reeve describes the despair he felt after becoming paralyzed. Within seconds, he went from being an extremely physical fit person to one who could not move from the neck down. He could speak and drink through straws, and that was pretty much it. He asked his wife to help him commit suicide, and she said, “I understand how you feel, but you're still you and I love you.” Hence, the title of his book. Reeve went on to live a life of example. Not only did he write an inspiring book, he also acted and directed several movies and worked to get funding for others who are also paralyzed. He never gave up trying to walk and became a real Superman. American teens kill themselves at a rate of about one every two hours. The teen suicide rate increased since assisted suicide was legalized in Washington and Oregon. By “okaying” assisted suicide, and making it legal we are telling teenagers that suicide is ok and even necessary at times. Do you really think that's a good idea?? Allowing assisted suicide, people will start to give up on years of medical research. If cancer patients routinely kill themselves rather than go through treatment, you have removed a reason to do cancer research. Also, think about the millions of donations lost. Years of medical research: useless, all because terminally ill people have given up hope and are using assisted suicide. Suicide laws will remove reasons for medical research and human progress. Sources: The Calm Passionate Choice.Com, Physician assisted suicide.Weebly.Com, and Statistic Brain.Com In conclusion, with upholding my value, I stand firmly against the resolution that assisted suicide should be legalized for terminally ill people. I am now open for Cross Examination.

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