• Republic

  • Monarchy

52% 11 votes
48% 10 votes
  • i think if they had a true democracy unlike america it could benefit for the country and its people

    Posted by: ECLP
  • A country should be run by its people

  • It would not change a thing if instead of signing legislation etc. on behalf of the UK head of state, our Governor-General signed it on behalf of the Australian people. However, a republic is a more honest, legitimate and rational way to run the country.

    Posted by: cpbm
  • Tell me everyone who likes this flag? It doesn't resemble us in anyway cmon green and gold!

    Posted by: Rorz
  • Not Everyone is the old Queen who makes money solely from stealing from commonwealths. Australia would have a wonderful economy with out the queen. Australasia should cut the ties and declare independence

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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-05-15T03:57:54.1352567-05:00
Neither, they should remain a prison ;)
thunderhead900 says2016-05-16T03:00:32.5524034Z
I see where you got that from mate but we arn't a prison for people any more

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