Should baby animals be hunted?

Posted by: izzybell2002

This is about if baby animals should be hunted or not.

  • For animals to be hunted

  • Against animals to be hunted

12% 4 votes
88% 29 votes
  • Animals shouldn't be hunted because they have a LONG life to live for. They can go on adventures, they can hang with other animals. They shouldn't be hunted because they are BABIES!!

  • Hunting baby animals is stupid. Wait till they're big and have more meat :)

  • Baby animals need their chance to somewhat live a life.

  • You would eventually run out of animals. Then you wouldn't be able to kill them.

  • Is anyone surprised by my vote? Animals should not be hunted, regardless of how cute/ugly they are, or how tasty/disgusting their flesh might be. Both of those judgements are based on human convenience--and not on what should be the focus--the animal herself. The animal's life has tremendous value to herself, and her family. Moreover, oppression is always intersectional; the way we treat nonhuman animals affects how we treat human animals.

    Posted by: kbub
  • Against baby animals being hunted, adult animals are fine.

    Posted by: ashkan
  • hey, of course we should protect baby animals. we are trying to protect all animals but if we hunt baby animals, the would eventually be none to protect!

  • To be honest and logical animals are not ours to hunt. We are not lions or omnivores we aren't made to hunt animals. Whether to quench a humans thirst for the taste of rotting flesh or for mere satisfaction they are not ours. Animals of all shapes, sizes, color, and species should not be hunted by humans. We are Frugivores by evolution. There is no justifying our actions of hunting animals.

    Posted by: Aizawa
  • i don't think animals should be hunted couse they are living things to and everyone can eat fruit and veggies instead of animals

  • Animals should not be hunted because it is wrong. It is wrong because just because they don't speak doesn't mean they are not important. We already have a season to kill certain animals and we have even drove some species of animals to be extinct or endangered. Example 1 Dodos lived on an island east of Madagascar and were hunted to extinction by sailors and their crew. Example 2 Western Lowback Gorilla are an endangered species caused by us hunting them illegally for their skins and meat in Africa and also capturing them to be sold to zoos. While defended as being economically profitable for restaurants and local people, it is a large contributor to the endangered status of the western lowland gorilla. They are also seen as a crop pest in western Africa because they raid native plantations and therefore destroy what would have otherwise been valuable crops.[

  • I like baby animals. I don't care if big animals are hunted. YAY HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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izzybell2002 says2015-05-04T09:48:46.1869618-05:00
PLease do answer I would like the appreciation and effort ;D
BblackkBbirdd says2015-05-04T10:24:14.9746536-05:00
You should only hunt animals which are too old to breed (unless you have to cull them because there are too many) so you have a sustainable food source.

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