Should big countries be on equal footing to small countries in the "United" Nations?

Posted by: cosecant

  • Of course.

  • No and No

83% 10 votes
17% 2 votes
  • I think it would be benefical to let the smaller countries in the UN. It's not nesscacarely giving them a bigger voice. But just letting them give their opinon in some of the United Nations key subjects.

    Posted by: iam199
  • The United Nations requires the support of the most powerful nations on Earth to retain legitimacy and whatever power it has. Bigger nations would be more apt to support the organization if they are given more say (as in the Security Council). Secondly, it just isn't fair to give smaller nations a larger say proportionally than larger nations who, in the grand scheme of things, actually dictate world events.

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cosecant says2014-06-10T14:21:09.9322727-05:00
Is the UN a jungle where might is right?
Crescendo says2014-06-10T15:47:46.5458021-05:00
No. Because the Soviet Union used this system to its advantage, considering that it had a whole bloc of communist puppet States.

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