Should Black Lives Matter be labeled a terrorist group?

Posted by: tmssean

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Anonymous says2017-06-04T01:27:10.9980580Z
@dls5161 - Black Lives Matter is a terror organization. The difference between All lives Matter and Black Lives Matter is incredibly transparent in several ways. However, one that is more relevant to this poll is the fact that B.L.M participates in domestic terror acts on communities by rioting, calling for "Dead cops" and chanting "What do we want? Pigs in a blanket! When do we want it? Now!!" Furthermore, how could one be a racist by vocalizing their support for All Lives Matter- a group advocating the support for all races and ethnic people- over a group that supports only one particular race? Dls, you're an absolute moron. If you disagree, you're obviously a racist...
Unparagoned says2017-06-05T22:43:56.7099508Z
@Sciguy - I agree with you on the front that many, possibly most, of the people who are part of the black lives matter movement are extreme and should be stopped. I don't agree with black lives matter at all, but still, it cannot be considered a terrorist organization, firstly because it is not an organization at all. It is simply a movement. Saying that black lives matter it a "terrorist organization," would be like saying, for example, that republicanism, or communism are "terrorist organizations." Which is simply not true. Its stupid to mark every member of a certain ideology as "terrorists," because some are clearly more extreme than others, it would be generalizing to say that ALL supporters of black lives matter are extremists. As well as this, it would as evanjfarrar said, legitimize actual serious terrorism, and would probably end up being a huge waste of government and police rescorces.
Anonymous says2017-06-06T01:40:15.1778459Z
When you have a group of violent racists advocating the murder of police officers and the destruction of neighborhoods it is, by definition, domestic terrorism. Upon declaring Black Lives Matter as a terror group you are not delegitimizing legitimate terrorism, you're clarifying that there are many levels of terrorism and hate; the severity of those levels varying. The fact of the matter is this, B.L.M has rigorously attempted to intimidate our private sector and the civilian populace to conform to their opinions by means of violence. They are no better than the Ku Klux Klan in its prime.
Anonymous says2017-06-06T01:44:40.5182459Z
So, would you also argue, Unparagoned, that the government should discontinue pursuing Ku Klux Klan members? After all, it is a very large waste of police resources and taxes. Mind you, the Ku Klux Klan was once a major domestic terror group back in the day just as the Black Panthers were and just as Black Lives Matter is today. These groups, though for different by their own ideologies, all used intimidation against the public; all of them terrorists.
Arganger says2017-06-06T01:47:56.5790459Z
Can you too just take this to an actual debate?
Anonymous says2017-06-06T19:54:31.1557291Z
@Arganger - No.

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