Should both evolution and creation be taught in public schools?

Posted by: SamW

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No only evolution should be taught

18 votes

Yes, both should be taught

11 votes

No, only creation should be taught

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TBR says2015-05-26T13:39:47.0314333-05:00
This is so not hard. If you want to teach creation, it needs to be part of some comparative religion class. You can explore all creation myths. In science, you need to teach just science.
Footsome says2015-05-26T13:47:15.6357391-05:00
In moral aspect, it is necessary to be taught both evolution and creation in public but it will only cause confusion amongst students and other learners so teach only one dedicated study to avoid futher damage its value of the course.
triangle.128k says2015-05-26T14:16:48.6845277-05:00
I'm so sick of religious extremism in USA, people are denying science and threatening our social freedom because of their interpretation of the bible.
triangle.128k says2015-05-26T14:17:47.5136361-05:00
Might as well call ourselves the United States of the Bible.
Stefy says2015-05-26T16:50:54.7079026-05:00
Evolution is suppoted by science. Creationism is not. That and what makes Christianity do special. If yoy teach adam and eve you also have to teach greek and roman creationism, himdu creationism, shinto creationism, ever native american creation story, aboriginal creation story, etc. You can teach your own kids your religion but public school is secular.
benhos says2015-05-26T17:06:47.3334496-05:00
@Kreakin you are totally right. I really hated how my history teachers always presented Christianity as the correct religion.
Deathbydefault says2015-05-26T23:45:03.6334382-05:00
I feel like religion will get brought up no matter what in school due to it's value in history. I also believe that every other aspect of religion that isn't directly involved in history class should be taught in a place valuing that religion. Kids need to decide what to believe, I agree. Before that they should be presented with facts and theories that explain the world so that they are not so easily brainwashed into a group of people that really likes reading the same book.
Najs says2015-05-27T01:17:51.5376982-05:00
I prefer Intelligent Design
Stefy says2015-05-27T08:03:49.8989612-05:00
Well yeah religion comes up in school but we talk about its role in history we dont teach the religion. Your beliefs dont matter they dont run the science class. What is dupported by science is taught in the acience class your beliefs have no place. If a bumch of people get together and decide that antarctica is hot they dont get to decide that thats going to be taught in public school now because no matter what you believe it isnt supported.
triangle.128k says2015-05-27T14:18:44.1302109-05:00
@benhos They seriously did that? Wow, mixing of church and state is really becoming an issue.
alexgkrox1001 says2016-03-03T15:37:48.7897163Z
If Religion is not taught in school, and there are religious people in that class, then the religious person will be very VERY confused. So, I think both should be taught, as a comparison, not as a "this is the right one" so that people can have debates and questions and that stuff. (Sorry, I can't explain it that well...). Or we should teach religion not as a scientific study but as a history study, because Religion is a part of Human history.

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