• Yes

  • No

6% 2 votes
94% 33 votes
  • Yes, but only when they are younger such as in elementary school. It has been proven numerous times that, on average, boys learn better visually and when they are able to move around the classroom. I'm sure some teachers do take this into account, but lots don't. Separating them would get more boys interested in school early which could have many benefits for society later on such as reducing the crime rate and increasing the educated populace. Don't believe me? Look at some of the statistics regarding GPA vs gender or college graduation rates vs gender.


  • No, men and women act together in society and have always Been pairs,so to break up a bond that humans have is unnecessary

  • In my opinion, separating boys and girls stifle social interaction. In today's world, you interact with both men and women so why not get children used to communicating and cooperating with each other at an early age rather than separating them.

  • Then what will they do in the real world where boys and girls aren't separated?

  • Separation always makes it harder to see the people you didn't grow up around as equal to you also it's just dumb what's the issue?

  • By separating people it makes it harder for them to deal with each other in the real world. Boys need to understand girls, girls need to understand boys. Reality isn't black and white, either.

  • I don't think so, because children need to be able to interact with everyone in their daily lives. It really doesn't become a problem until we make it a problem. If you just teach them the right things t do while they are young, then you won't have a problem.

  • Schools should be focused on educating both genders - there's no point in separating the boys from the girls. It's the same curriculum and this would only result in having to hire more teachers. Schools focus on educating students for the real world - the real world isn't separated by genders.

  • I think it is good for them to be able to interact with each other. I actually think more harm comes by isolating them.

    Posted by: BennyW
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