Should Brazil and Paupa New Guinea merge into one country?

Posted by: UtherPenguin

I don't know why, but should they?

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の, in hiragana, or ノ in katakana, is ONE of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. In the gojūon system of ordering of Japanese syllables, it occupies the 25th position, between ね (ne) and は (ha). It occupies the 26th position in the iroha ordering. Both represent [no].



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Long live the Brazillian new Guinean republic!



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PetersSmith says2015-01-24T13:04:08.8697587-06:00
Why not just have Brazil form the Empire of Brazil again while you're at it?
Vox_Veritas says2015-01-24T13:14:08.9769740-06:00
Papua New Guinea is located in Oceania, whereas Brazil is located in South America, with no shoreline touching the Pacific Ocean.
UtherPenguin says2015-01-24T13:15:58.8615923-06:00
@Vox_Veritas Exactly! That would be what makes the unification of those two countries so perfect!
dbushwacker says2015-01-26T14:45:12.9712599-06:00
@PetersSmith Yes, let's form the Empire of Brazil, its a great idea. Maybe they can unite the South American government and unify to fix the problems there. I'll vote for that, and while you're at it sign me up for some citizenship too, new countries are always ripe with opportunity. :)
MasturDbtor says2015-01-26T20:08:58.6224825-06:00
@ dbushwacker Or they could unite the South American countries, rename the country Brasilia, use Portuñol as the official language, and sponsor space colonists who get +10% strength in melee combat and +5% healing when they fortify.

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