Should Bronies stop ponifying everything?

Posted by: greenninjalizard

Bronies have been ruining our childhood by turning our favorite characters to pony's and this is getting on my nerves! Should we let the Bronies ruin our childhood or should we stop them.

  • They should continue ponifying.

  • They should stop

47% 7 votes
53% 8 votes
  • The UN recognizes forcing prisoners of war to watch that show as a heinous war crime.

  • I believe that they should be ALLOWED to do so, as people can do what they want if it makes them happy, but ponies shouldn't be everywhere. And they should only show up in search results if you specifically search for the pony versions. Also, pony related...Adult material...Is just wrong.

  • They should stop! This crap has been going on for so long that it's older than the dinosaurs! We are all tired of seeing our favorite characters turned into ponies!

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