Should Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner be considered a hero?

Posted by: christyk

Hero or not a Hero

Poll closed on 8/12/2015 at 12:00PM.
21 Total Votes

No, he should not be considered a hero

14 votes

Yes, he should be a hero

7 votes
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Stefy says2015-06-03T21:52:20.6699433-05:00
This poll is already offensive. She.
Stefy says2015-06-03T21:54:00.9749159-05:00
Reesoroni: Because she is representing a marginilized community that has suffered through discrimination, ridicule and violance and telling them its ok not to be ashamed of who they are and that they dint deserve all the crap they get.
Reeseroni says2015-06-03T22:23:29.5077262-05:00
Stefy, I understand, but the transsexual community has always been unstable, and she has just changed sexes. She hasn't had a chance to realize what she has done to herself, and whether she can live with it or not. I don't see her as a "prophet" of the transys, or anything of the sort. It was very brave of her to deal with all the crap she got and all, but there are others who got the same on a lower level, and were not in the news about it.
kingcripple says2015-06-03T22:25:45.6674185-05:00
If he had started this transition in his younger days, would he be able to produce eggs? No HE wouldn't because Bruce Jenner is a HE
PatriotPerson says2015-06-04T15:31:59.6231833-05:00
Technically Caitlyn is still a "he". Its not offensive. One cannot really change their gender, they're stuck with the one they're born with.
briantheliberal says2015-06-05T11:05:19.8803375-05:00
Both of you are wrong. You aren't necessarily born with a gender, you're born with a biological sex. Gender is a separate entity that is determined by society. That is why some societies have more than one gender identity. Caitlyn (formally Bruce) Jenner is biologically male, but identifies as a transgender woman. Therefore "he" is a she.
xhammy says2015-06-05T11:55:40.7034755-05:00
You only say that because it is a Liberal opinion, you didn't form that belief yourself.
PatriotPerson says2015-06-05T22:02:53.7499312-05:00
True, he seems to think that a simple belief is a proven fact.
briantheliberal says2015-06-05T23:56:58.9708602-05:00
Xhammy, nice ad hominem attack. I am liberal so that somehow makes what I said less valid? Biological sex and gender identity are two different things. What does politics have to do with that distinction? Caitlyn Jenner is biologically male, but is a trans woman. This is nothing but truth, and your denial and dismissal of facts doesn't make it less true.
132sque says2015-06-06T06:02:48.0060064-05:00
Will never understand why people go straight to making it personal and or bash their political or even religious beliefs. Maybe take a step back, wait a minute, stay of the keyboard and actually have a think? Nope lets just call them a pervert...

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