Should businesses be allowed to deny LGBT individuals service?

Posted by: tajshar2k

  • Yes

  • No

29% 8 votes
71% 20 votes
  • Depending on the type of business and the owners reason for denial. A good reason could be that the owners are religiously opposed to homosexuality and are running a cake store. The order is for a weeding cake. Religion firmly defends straight marriage in practically all Christian,Islamic, and Jewish denominations. Due to the right to freedom of religion the owners should then be allowed to deny service. Perhaps owners who are opposed to selling to LGBT individuals should make it clear with signs or another early warning for customer.

  • Even though I agree that it's stupid and what not, it's their business, they can deny service to whoever they want.

  • That is absolutely ABSURD

  • Maintain civil rights, I don't see what a person's sexual orientation has to do with denying them service.

  • A customer cannot force a business to make a certain product, but a business cannot deny a customer a service that they already provide.

  • While businesses should have the right to choose the product, they should not have the right to discriminate against customers. This is because communities can create an enviroment of de-facto discrimination.

  • Here is essentially the argument the yes side is making: if you don't support my discrimination, you are discriminating against me, and therefore you are the evil person. Conservative logic.

  • It's like all the racists that denied blacks service in the early 1900s

  • Churches? maybe. But Churches aint businesses, and businesses aint churches, so im voting for no on this one

  • Using your religion as an reason to deny someone service would allow Muslims to deny women service for not wearing a Burka. That simple.

  • No. Not on the grounds of just being LGBT+. If a person who happens to be gay lites your store on fire or steals your puppy and flips all the tables, yeah sure deny that individual service. but not a whole group.

    Posted by: Stefy
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