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lelchez89 says2017-09-14T19:33:42.2973030Z
So dumb liberals
Nd2400 says2017-09-14T20:55:01.0257767Z
How would California defend it self, with no US military, Navy, Army, National Guard? How would California pay for medicare, or ssi, with no federal government help. How would California last without the most powerful country in the world? What would California do with a natural disasters? Without the federal government money. This would be so stupid becoming our own nation. So No California will. Become our own nation. Why is liberals dump. We didn't elect trump. Who can do real damage to the country, if not left uncheck.
ASGSoccer says2018-03-03T03:24:24.1772887Z
Sure, see how long it will last, Texas could do it, they've done it before, California, don't get ahead of yourself.

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