Should Captain America come out as gay?

Posted by: SegBeg

Someo people are calling for Captain America to come out as gay and have a boyfriend (preferably Bucky Barnes). What do you think?

  • Yeah. Someone for the LGBT community to relate to!!!

  • No. Cap has been straight since his creation in 1941 and should stay that way

24% 4 votes
76% 13 votes
  • Yes. He wears a tutu

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME HE'D BE MY QUEER ICON It would be great because since Captain America stands for America, he can represent the diversity. Spiffy-Gonzalez was talking about how there are already queer superheroes and villains. Does that mean their can't be more? I mean, there's already a lot of strait characters should we just stop making them? Plus, they were being a little bias against LGBTQ because I'm bi sexual and I can tell you I go to comic con every time. DON'T BE BIAS

  • Their already ARE gay and lesbo and trans and cis superheroes and villains. It's not our fault if the LGBT community doesn't know enough about comics. Stop changing the race, sexual orientation, gender, ideology, beliefs, etc. Of perfectly good characters.

  • ...That's not even funny...

  • Hell no! *nothing against gays*

  • I hate the creators of these shows, comics, movies, etc. all feel like they need to have gay characters. The majority of the population is straight. If you want to have a gay character for a reason that is actually relevant to the plot, that's absolutely fine. Simply making a character gay for the sake of diversity is ridiculous.

  • Just create a new character and call him captain San Francisco. It has already been established he isn't gay. But wishful thinking for the gays I guess.

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RightWingGuy says2017-08-17T23:08:39.8648641Z
EnchantedPlatinum says2017-08-18T02:35:35.1748327Z
There is no reason to change a character to make people relate to him. Make a new character that people will relate to and that is compelling and interesting. I.e. Tracer. Really good example.
not-even-a-troll says2017-08-23T11:10:59.3871857Z
The question should be, is captin amarica canonly gay/bi/whatever in the comics ? Cus if not there's no reason to change his as there is no reason to change a heterosexual super hero .And if he is then im expecting something to happen in the movies
SegBeg says2017-08-24T10:55:45.2874780Z
@Youraverageunicorn, Captain America has been a heterosexual since his conception. He has never shown any hints of being attracted to anyone other than women. I see no need to change that. Spiffy is not saying there can't be more gay characters- he's saying if you want more gay characters- make new ones. Don't change an established heterosexual into a homosexual for the sake of it- it's lazy and alienates other readers. If you want Queer superheroes, try: Hulkling Wiccan Northstar Moondragon Julie Power Iceman (nice work Marvel- making a WOMANIZER gay) And I'm pretty sure there are many more who I don't know about.
Youraverageunicorn says2017-08-25T22:57:23.0380840Z
@VyleKarma yes but then why do they just have straight characters then? Who cares if the majority is straight that doesn't mean one person can't be gay or lgbtq
Arganger says2017-08-25T23:06:01.2339086Z
@Youraverageunicorn I don't mind myself if they make a lgbt hero, but I think it is best if they just make a new one. Captain America makes zero sense gay, he grew up just before world war two, and is also a christian. Even if he was gay I have doubts he would ever act on it.
Youraverageunicorn says2017-08-25T23:14:20.0191032Z
@Arganger yeah, I guess so. I guess I just got excited when I saw this question
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-08-25T23:21:04.5815964Z
@Youraverageunicorn, their already ARE bi sexual characters. The reason you don't see that many of them is basically marketing. The people who read comics (for the most part) are straight, white, Christian&athiest, males. That's why the typical characters in comics you see are exactly that. There are, however, many characters of various sexual orientations, races, beliefs, genders, religions, etc. If you look hard enough you can find basically any character. Me personally I had looked for a confederate character that wasn't racist (I'm one of those rebel flag ppl) for a while. I ended up finding captain confederate and his black girlfriend/sidekick ms.Dixie. Basically what I'm saying is you can find ANY type of character you want. As for captain America in particular, he grew up in the 1940s. When he was made he was fighting Hitler, protecting democracy, and overall being the typical (albeit extraordinary) soldier. He was an American's American during that time. As such he was a protestant Christian. To say that he should become homosexual just because some people want more gays doesn't make any sense. Finally, segbeg was exactly right in what i was saying. If the LGBTQ community wants a gay superhero they should start petitioning the various comic communities to MAKE one, rather than upset people who already enjoy the character by changing them. Marvel and DC would likely do so gladly. But more importantly, after the character has been made, the lgbt community needs to READ that comic. This is why you don't get a bunch of gay characters who end up famous in the comics. Many characters have already been made due to requests, but the people who submit these do not regularly purchase comics and comic merchandise; so the character gradually fades away. It's the same reason DC fans don't remember Imperiex very much. They demanded a Galactus level character, but when they got it nobody purchased very much to do with him, so he basically became a footnote in comics despite DC doing exactly what the fans wanted.
SegBeg says2017-08-26T10:51:56.5722176Z
@Spiffy-Gonzalez ON POINT!!! SJW's don't even read comics- thy just want their agenda shoved into everything. They call for more LGBT and people of colour characters and when those characters are made, the very people who petitioned for it just abandon that character. This is probably why interesting gay characters like Hulkling and Wiccan have been swept under the rug. If you gonna spend all your time calling for more Queer characters then keep to your promise and READ those comics.
LogicalPen says2017-08-31T03:45:18.0097317Z
Hulkling was actually pretty cool.
Chatsa says2017-12-10T22:08:19.7255325Z
??? Was he ever gay to begin with?

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