Should car insurance companies be able to deny coverage because of a preexisting condition.

Posted by: xhammy

Your car is damaged, you sign up for new insurance, they say "were not going to cover that it happened prior." Should this happen?

  • Yes! It would hugely inflate the cost of insurance and if you already have a broken car and want the company to fix it that's not insurance.

  • No. They need to cover anyone even if the accident happened before signing up.

86% 6 votes
14% 1 votes
  • I see what you did here. Yes, absolutely they should! If a person is beyond fiscal sense to insure or has shown a tendancy to make claims too often they should be paying a more proportionate amount for what burden they are placing on the rest of the insurance holders. If you don't make corrections like this, customers leave your pool because of high premiums. Companies should be able to make the call as it pertains to their business' (and ultimately their customers) livelihood.

  • Does anyone seriously want to take the other side of this argument? Perhaps we should also allow someone whose roof is damaged to go his neighbors and demand that they help pay for it. OK, so I never bothered to take out insurance. Now you help me pay!

  • So long as you're not trying to draw a parallel between this and health insurance... When you own a car, you buy insurance or you don't drive. Any problems that came with the car are yours to handle. It's why people warn against false economies with cheap cars. Insurance is usually based on the car model and year though, aka: how expensive are these parts to replace if you get in a crash. They don't do routine repairs for you, they only cover accidents.

    Posted by: Sharku
  • Now i see were this is going I changed my mind. All people should be insurable,a preexisting condition needs to be reflected in the premium but capped. Other wise it's one claim and your on your own.

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xhammy says2015-06-29T14:21:18.0269442-05:00
The irony though is that health insurance companies have been demonized for this by the Democrat party.
Kreakin says2015-06-29T14:28:48.3456549-05:00
Getting your body fixed is a bit more urgent than your car though.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-29T15:11:43.7300279-05:00
Not for some people.
xhammy says2015-06-29T15:17:16.0695207-05:00
The concept of what is and is not the job of insurance stays the same though. If you don't buy insurance until you need it then it isn't insurance.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-29T15:22:15.9696879-05:00
True. But risk sharing should always be a personal preference in general. Being able to sequester high risk individuals from the pool helps the rest of us to invest our money in better things (things we might want), whereas investing in those high risk types is forcing the rest of us to invest in their endeavors which might not be the smartest investments overall.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-29T15:24:22.5546288-05:00
It shouldn't be a requirement. There should be alot of choice involved on both customer and insurers parts. Like being able to choose precisely what pool to be in ... One that covers what you want and doesn't cover that which you think is frivolous on other pool members parts. Those guys should be in their own pool of like minded individuals.
TBR says2015-06-29T17:22:43.5207689-05:00
This is just a step to single-payer. Its like "Don't ask - Don't tell". Just a short term appeasement. The progressive wing wanted the insurers out completely.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-30T07:45:13.6809999-05:00
Single payer is counter intuitive to the insurance dynamic I just mentioned. Where is there the chance to pick what risk levels you want to associate with? If theres only one company dividing up the money whose to say that it'll be divided up accurately based on a persons risk level? By the way this country's been going I dont see them doing that at all, in fact quite the opposite. Im certain if there was an insurance monopoly we'd all get roped in to helping high risk individuals and pay high premiums no matter what we personally decided was a better route.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-06-30T07:58:14.3309667-05:00
Life is calculated risk. It's not blanket/blind risk sharing. You sell the human race short by doing things that way.

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