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Skyscraper says2016-02-13T15:32:07.4624515Z
I seen people do many tricks it can be fooled. One of them if you know your going out drinking. Make a few balloons with good air then apply. But if your too drunk your screwed. How can you manage the task lol
Skyscraper says2016-02-13T15:33:27.5393047Z
*cant " sorry for my typosniseee "
Skyscraper says2016-02-13T15:34:42.3744235Z
Screwed up again i better stop drinking hahahahha
lannan13 says2016-02-14T01:39:12.7074174Z
Are you talking about a breathalizer to start the car kinda thing?
blessingindisguise26 says2018-02-24T07:51:03.7838872Z
I think a breathalyzer being given out with cars sounds like a potentially helpful idea and something worth considering. My mom's brother, his wife, and their unborn child (his wife was pregnant), were all killed by a drunk driver who crossed the barriers. My mom had such a great connection with her brother, whom she loved very much just like she cared so much about his wife and their children. My mom lost her brother and his family when she was a teenager. She didn't have people in her immediate family that connected with her and cared about her like her brother seemed to. He had brought so much joy to her life and his whole family. The drunk person who killed them got a few months of time and was able to continue on with his life without any real consequences for his selfishness and irresponsibility. What kind of justice was that for my mom and her family, especially her brother and his wife and their unborn kid? Did the person who killed them even care about what they did or learn anything from what happened as a result of their negligence? (He never showed remorse to my family for what he did them, even if it was a lapse of judgement or accident) If you're going to get drunk, or intoxicated some other way, do it at home and stay home, don't go risking other's lives and your own just because you're deciding to be so careless. And, BETTER yet, don't get intoxicated at all, because it's almost always illegal, it too often enough ends badly, and most importantly, people who are intoxicated from using any body/mind-altering substances can't reason very rationally in the moment when it comes to making life-altering decisions, like getting in your vehicle, inebriated, and then killing a beautiful family. I think the year this happened to our family was in the late 70's or early 80's, I hadn't even been born yet so I didn't have the honor of meeting and getting to know my Uncle, his wife, and their child if they been given the chance to be born like my uncle and aunt had planned. The newspaper that covered the story during that time period took a picture of the wreckage, with her brother's dead body just lying there in their totaled car, visibly showing it, and then the people who worked for that paper had the audacity to print such graphic and personal material, in their newspaper. Obviously, that wouldn't happen, today, in the United States, but can you imagine what that felt like for my mom and family to see their own flesh and blood, whom they loved and cared so deeply about, dead, and made public in the newspaper, for other people who don't know them and don't have the proper respect for them, to view the material for their own pleasure and/or curiosity. The ONLY part that was everyone else's business was bringing awareness to the fact that too many intoxicated people do this all the time, get away with it, and that IT HAS TO STOP, so that other people can stop dying and for lives to stop being destroyed in the process. It was completely disrespectful to my family, and even disgusts me that that newspaper decided they had the right to do that to anyone, let alone doing it at my own family's expense, just so they could create more drama and "juicy" stories and probably get more people to keep reading their paper. The paper responsible for this didn't even get any consequences, except i can imagine my family probably tried to express their grief and shock to the paper over the picture they had publicized. I also want to tell you about a study that was done that I read about, the study was about a group of men and women who were put in a setting that offered different alcoholic drinks, it was like a party, where people could socialize and order alcoholic drinks when they wanted to throughout the evening. Some people who even only had 2 drinks, and didn't even appear or feel drunk, blew into a breathalyzer and were over the legal limit of alcohol being present in the body. Too many people don't know that the amount of alcohol in someone’s blood continues to rise even when they’re not drinking. Movies and other parts of society often irresponsibly portray people being able to drink a lot more alcohol than would normally be possible for that person to do without getting alcohol poisoning and/or dying. Each person's body metabolizes alcohol very differently then another person would because of a lot of factors. One person might feel a little unwell after 1 shot of hard liquor or even 1 beer/1 glass of wine, while another person could have 6 beers etc. and still be sitting up on their own, talking to people. I could die at anytime in my life, and very unexpectedly too, and i'm not paranoid about getting in a car with a driver who has had even just 1 alcoholic beverage, but I think doing that is still unwise, it is taking unnecessary risks that could tragically affect a life, and I never feel comfortable doing it, because even the slightest bit of alcohol has been proven to slow a person's reaction-response to other stimuli in the environment, even if it's just slightly affected. I mean people who are completely sober get in car accidents all the time. So, PLEASE, drink responsibly, and if you can't, don't do it at all and get help if you need help and can't stop from making those dangerous choices, on your own. There is NEVER any shame in getting help for something that is negatively affecting yours/others lives, especially when you can't do it on your own. It makes you SO strong and brave to have the courage to put any effort into to dealing with your problems and my heart has a special place in it for people who are and have been in any type of addiction-recovery program and anyone who has had addiction or a body/mind-altering substance affect their lives so negatively. If anyone takes the time to read all of this comment I wrote and they can appreciate it, please, don't let anyone that you happen to come across in your life (whether you know them or not), who is apparently intoxicated, or a family member or friend who has had 2 or more regular alcoholic drinks, or anyone who has had any amount of hard liquor, drive a vehicle. Respect yourself and others to do whatever you can to keep that from happening, and please, DON'T EVER get in a vehicle with an intoxicated driver. Walk if you have to or wait till you can get a safe ride.

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