Should Catalonia gain independence from Spain

Posted by: Chris96

  • Yes - Catalonia should gain independence from Spain

  • No - Catalonia should not be independence from Spain

66% 19 votes
34% 10 votes
  • Ara és l'hora, units per un país nou! Catalunya és una nació , Catalunya decidirà!

  • Yeah I am basque an we want to be independent too we need to be free. Gora euskadi and Visca Catalunya

    Posted by: fernan
  • Catalonia is part of Spain and should remain that way

  • Catalonia is Spain!!

  • 20% of Spains income comes from Catalonia, Spain wouldn't be able to cope financially without Catalonia. Catalonia are also faking votes to leave Spain if the people of Catalonia want to stay! Catalonia are acting way too big for their boots and should just carry on like the rest of Spain and stop making such a fuss.

  • Catalonia is not ready to be it's own country and what will probably end up happening is that once they do they will try to join NATO and russia will know and invade so Catalonia will ask for spain's help and they won't accept.

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Chris96 says2016-02-14T15:30:13.6211516Z
Mistake in the 'No' answer. It should not read 'independence' it should instead be 'independent'. Sorry for this mistake.
BrendanD19 says2016-02-16T22:59:37.4327308Z
Its all good, that side is doomed to lose anyway
Debates4theWorld says2017-03-14T16:54:55.7905617Z
If Catalonia becomes a country Spain will lose Barcelona and Barcelona comes to mind when I think of Spain.

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