Should Catcher In The Rye be banned In schools?

Posted by: TorqueDork

The book has had many controversies around it, should it be banned?

  • Yes, it is inappropriate for children that age

  • No, it is important that they read it

12% 3 votes
88% 21 votes
  • Not cause its inappropriate, cause its a boring and stupid a** book.... The whole thing is a kid who spends the whole time whining about how people are phonies.... Grow, the f**k, up. If I wanted to read 200 pages of some whiny white idiot whining about everything, id read Sarah Palin's facebook page.....

  • It's a phony book.

  • It is a classic

  • Catcher in the Rye is a dumb book that I would not read because it's too long and its not like I failed the reading test in middle school or anything, but you cant just ban a book from school unless its like, gee i dont know

    Posted by: yay842
  • Oh c'mon I love that book, m'kay?

  • It shouldn't be banned but I don't necessarily think it should be assigned either.

  • I find most people that want to ban it, have never read the book. If you have read it and still want to ban it, how about other worse books like the Bible?

  • Why should any book be banned?

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Macgreggor says2013-12-15T17:05:40.5307407-06:00
Imabench: That is so true, LOL
Oromagi says2014-01-23T14:39:39.4162611-06:00
@imabench Salinger's intent is a realistic depiction of character. He's not trying to make you like Holden, he's trying to capture the essence of 16 year old, wealthy East coast American boys. That strutting cynicism, calling out everyone's hypocrisy while never looking inward, crying over little things while never processing the essence, that is those boys. Come to think of it , Ima, I'll bet you were exactly like Holden a few years back. That's not an insult, it might even be a compliment. But maybe you hate Holden because you recognize yourself somewhere in there.
CTJF111 says2014-05-27T10:25:06.7277740-05:00
This book was banned because of the profanity, including sex and cursing along with things like immorality, godlessness and his hatred toward all others. The book can have a big influence on people, and has in the past. It might be possible that the influence could be a good one, but with the drop-out, Holden, it is likely it wouldn't.

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