Should celebrities have privacy rights?

Posted by: Harmoniej

What do you think?

  • Yes

  • No

93% 14 votes
7% 1 votes
  • Why? IM TIRED OF MY FAVORITE SINGERS LEAVING THERE BANDS ( EX. ZAYN MALIK.) BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE PRIVACY!!! How would you feel? Like its so unfair. all people do is get paid for making rumors or going into someones personal life, basically bullying. Once these rumors get spread, You have 3% chance of it going away, and thats 3% of 1000000.

  • 'I hate those who make known secrets, and think that they are straightforward.' (Analects 17.24)

  • They already have privacy rights. That is what the whole 4th Amendment of the Constitution is about.

  • How would you feel if someone got into your bubble? Not very much. Every human being needs privacy

  • They are getting attention they should have known from the begininng of their carrer that they would have someone taking a picture or two, its the other people who take it out of hand

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MrFox says2015-04-29T08:02:42.5083476-05:00
@Thescarecrow066 People don't 'decide' to become popular, people should be able to pursue any career without having to surrender their privacy.

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