• Yes

  • No

54% 13 votes
46% 11 votes
  • Only in certain cases. Its really no different then using a IPad.

  • Kids are becoming more independent these days, and cell phones are needed.

  • anything could happen. yes some kids use them for wrong reasons but manny of them for good reasons.

  • They should be allowed in school, but they should be off and away in class.

  • Yes and No, I believe cell phones should be allowed in school but no during call. The should ONLY be allowed after class or if you are COMPLETLY done with ALL your work. But, on the other hand, cell phones can be a distraction and may cause you to focus too much on them rather then your studies. ~smile on

  • You can use your phone as a calculator in math class.

  • nibba

    Posted by: NIBBA
  • They are too distracting. They can be used for reference and research, but other, more controllable methods are better.

  • Kids have plenty of other time during the day to use their phone. Phones are distracting, and kids can go a few hours without them to get the full benefit of their education. If there is an emergency, outside contact can always call the school. I am a supporter of technology in schools though (when used in the right way). Technology can really be used to benefit a child's education, but cell-phones are not needed.

  • cell phones can be a distraction during class and should be turned off during school. Which will allow if not all more of their attention to be on their studies.

    Posted by: kiki17
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Epicknightmc says2014-07-29T20:20:15.8678826-05:00
They are very distracting and kids don't even care much about the safety of their phones
ben671176 says2014-07-29T20:21:16.5060027-05:00
First thing the teachers should check out the picture section to make sure nothing loose is in the depths of the memories. . .

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