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stephannoi says2016-07-06T15:57:01.5636932Z
@face195 Child marriage are equivalent to force marriage because children aren't mature to give consent
stephannoi says2016-07-06T17:21:04.4565769Z
Especially when parental consent implied to marriage,are disadvantage to children because they often lack of possess legal power to make decision for themselves.
stephannoi says2016-07-06T17:27:15.2975964Z
In many case child marriage often involved in coercion and misuse of power authority.
stephannoi says2016-07-06T17:29:23.1092157Z
Children being coerce into marriage by their parents
countdooku says2016-07-06T17:46:11.5391587Z
@ stephannoi You are partly right.Although child marriage is still prevalent around the world and most people seems to ignored to recognize this as a violation of human right.
face1995 says2016-07-06T20:00:52.2917548Z
@stephannoi Child marriage being done and selected by parents is arranged marriage. I said that arranged marriage shouldn't be legally allowed until the person is at least 25 years old, and that it must not be forced in any way but that the person must consent to it. Also, like I said, marriage should be discouraged until a PhD is earned by both individuals in the love relationship. So if both have are extremely intelligent/hardworking and get their PhD at age below 18, no matter how young, both of them should be allowed then to get married with no discouragement but must still get parents' permission first before doing so. If both are under legal working age and already have their PhD, then they should be given counseling about how will the marriage work if they agree getting married before reaching legal working age, because both will for sure not be able to move out unless parents agree to pay for the rent, but the other issue is the young age and lack of experience, which is why counseling is needed as well. Now if both are children under the age of 10, then a yet stronger discouragement should be given towards marrying/moving out even if both have a PhD, because small children living on their own is not safe, especially because of the bad people that are around.
lordsidious says2016-07-07T18:29:47.4421336Z
@stephannoi Adolescent's reproductive organ are simply not mature for child bearing and give birth.Especially those under 15 years of age Young mother are at greatest risk.
lordsidious says2016-07-07T18:39:22.2730627Z
It's not only that Young brides would die from child birth but it also threathened the life of the infant that increase the chance of infant mortality or birth defect.
stephannoi says2016-07-07T18:48:21.6480759Z
@lordsidious Well,if you look upon statistic you will see that correlation between child marriage and maternal mortality are strongly positive. Woman wo have been married before 18 years of age are likely to suffer severe complication cause by pregnancy and child birth.
stephannoi says2016-07-07T18:50:33.3129199Z
Such as obstretic Fistula,urine incontinent,sexual transmitted disease,disability etc...
ghostrecon says2016-07-09T06:15:53.4292695Z
Children aren't simply ready yet to become a mother or a wive.
ghostrecon says2016-07-09T06:20:29.7694409Z
Child marriage deprives their childhood and innocence.Children should be free to live without subjected to coercion and exploitation.I don't see a difference between child marriage and slavery,both are identical bad .
stephannoi says2016-07-09T06:29:34.6251090Z
@ ghostrecon Child marriage is a form of slavery.Children aren't full and informed anything about marriage.Majority of them have little to no knowledge about marriage and reproduction.
stephannoi says2016-07-09T06:34:02.0142510Z
This is why it's appalling that child marriage still being culturally practice out and is socially acceptable , especially in developing countries.
haydenchristen says2016-07-09T06:39:34.8011808Z
@stephannoi Yeah ,sick and disgusting about child marriage.We all should raise minimum age of marriage to 18.
haydenchristen says2016-07-09T06:43:45.7755896Z
That's is the international acceptable standard that we all should stand affirm.
dilordious says2016-07-09T07:01:00.8734248Z
Minimum age of marriage 18 should set as a fixed standard in every country around the world because to ensure that young person require intellectual maturity and being informed about marriage without parental consent or anyone arrange it for them.
dilordious says2016-07-09T07:04:51.4897031Z
Prohibit child marriage would also get ride of the problem about infant mortality which stillbirth and newborn death are 50 % higher in mother younger than 20 .
face1995 says2016-07-09T21:21:23.9065383Z
I just noticed the picture of the girl covering up. Like I said, it must not be forced and telling them to fully cover up is abuse. And I have no doubt that abuse is often with child marriage, by which I said that arranged marriage should never be forced, only approved by child's consent, and must be prohibited until that parent's child is at least 25 years of age.
stephannoi says2016-07-10T07:01:56.0096492Z
@face 1995 There is always an element of coercion or force in the context of child marriage because children are not mature to make decision for themselve.Not only that but child bride often suffer domestic violence by their abusive husband.
stephannoi says2016-07-10T07:05:00.9176345Z
Child marriage also known as ''early marriage'' should be outlawed because it's violate international human right standard.

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