Should child rapists be castrated as a punishment

Posted by: xgjjg

  • Prison

  • Castration

53% 17 votes
47% 15 votes
  • it would fall under cruel and unusual punishment to castrate someone regardless of crime.

  • severe punishment. no one deserves the other option

  • castration is not good enough, execution is much more suited for such a crime.

    Posted by: Yocolo
  • they should not go to prison. like all sexual crimes, they should be rehabilitated. if they re-offend, that's when you send them to the actual prison. ps, saying castrate assumes all sexual predators are all men, which is wrong.

  • Raping a kid is one of if not the worst crime an adult can commit. It should not be tolerated, so cut the testicles off those disgusting fucks.

  • They're bullies.

  • Castrate them and use capital punishment. Raping a child is more cruel and unusual than cutting off the weapon used to do it.

  • A child rapist should definitely be castrated. But after that he should not be left free. He should be put under rigorous imprisonment for a few years and then should be hanged or stoned or burnt to death. As raping is very, very bad and raping a child is even more disgusting and is perhaps one of the worst crimes a person could do.

  • 90 percent of sex offenders are repeat offenders. Castrate them.

  • This is a great idea, but it should only be used for people who evidently raped a child, not a person who was accused. And i am all for women equality and equal representation because there are women rapists too, cannot forget them or i am being sexist.

  • Mhmm! If you cut off their weapon then they can't use them any more! They think that they have power cos they have a penis.

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