Should children and adolescents have the legal right to choose death by assisted suicide?

Posted by: agrainger

This poll will be used in research for my extended project.

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With parental consent

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agrainger says2014-11-12T10:12:58.6814862-06:00
Comments would be really helpful if you'd like to explain your answers!
Formerland1 says2014-11-12T12:49:47.0653021-06:00
Obviously we'd offer them help and if after a while they still wanted to commit suicide it is better they do it were it will either minimize its impact on the economy or benifit the economy ( depending on weather or not the organs would be harvested but that's another issue ).
Mongoose98 says2014-11-12T12:56:47.8538651-06:00
Life is to precious to throw away. Its not like money or food that you can throw away and get in back or get more of. Life is a one time thing that could impact others in so many different ways. One of my friends just the other day committed suicide and the impact is horrific. Others are now in pain because they lost some they cared for. Now what if that leads to someone else contemplating it and so on. Suicide hurts everyone around even if there not the one who committed it.]
Formerland1 says2014-11-12T17:21:49.0732007-06:00
That's why we offer help . For many they will simply commit suicide anyways so it's better that it is somewhere that will minimalize impact .
Bacon_Boy says2014-11-21T21:54:56.9542640-06:00
Scuicide is killing a person (yourself) If it is ok for you to kill yourself it then becomes ok to kill people because you are a person

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