Should children be allowed to swear at school?

Posted by: Obention

In middle school, I was invited to a completely new view of this world. Most people at my school swore constantly. The thing was, the teachers never really cared. These kids that swore rubbed their habits on other kids, and other kids. I'm practically the few people that rarely cusses.

  • Yes

  • No

64% 14 votes
36% 8 votes
  • I never really understood the stigma on cursing. You can say "f bomb" it's all okay, but if you say the actual thing, it's bad. I mean they both mean the same thing so there's no reason for one to be stigmatized and the other isn't. You can say "the n word" and say the actual word, but they mean the same thing but "the n word" is okay and the actual word is not. It really doesn't make much of a difference to me.

  • my mom doesnt let me curse but i do it at school haha. and when someone does curse and a teacher catches them its more of a "hey, now" rather than detention or something. so what i am trying to say is that just because they say its not allowed doesnt mean that we actually will stop. because we are high schoolers and who follows the rules anymore

  • Meh I guess as long as it's not disruptive to the class. I could care less for swearing but why not give some freedom to the students.

  • It doesn't really matter. For some of us, it is a way to vent our anger because of what is going on at home.

  • It's just emphasizing of what you believe. Honestly, people overreact about language.

  • I think swearing is not profitable you are not speaking intelligently which is what school is meant for and most jobs you are not allowed or approved to swear at so why at school?

  • No! They shouldn't be allowed to swear at school or elsewhere. I suppose, it depends on where you attend school & the region you live in. In the South, "Yes, m'am", "No, m'am", "Yes, sir", "No, sir" is still expected within Public Schools. Students rarely forget that. I know. I've given many years to volunteering within education & elsewhere. If anyone cusses, they are careful which words they use & especially careful where they use them. Private schools certainly expect good manners. Discipline standards overall are higher & maintained.

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