Should Children be aloud to play T or M rated Games?

Posted by: Awzomedeadlox

I Dunno, But what do you think?

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Austinsaysnothing says2016-03-04T15:24:36.8238066Z
This is somewhat vague because what is the age of the child because if they're younger than 11 I would say no but if they're older than 11 then I would say yes due to the mindset that they would have at that age for most games that are rated M contain a ton of violence which is one thing that I have noticed in kids that are 11 and up is that they enjoy violence.
smelisox says2016-03-04T15:59:05.3120434Z
Yes, but only if they can spell allowed.
Dpowell says2016-03-04T16:31:53.2245014Z
For M games I say they have to be 17, for T games I'd say around 10 or 11 and up, and for E games, obviously anyone 10 and under.
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-04T23:49:22.3441477Z
Really I say we should change what the M and T games entail. I mean Call of Duty is M? Rated way to harshly. GTA now thats M, but a child's maturity differs from one to the next so its up to the parents to know whether the child could handle the violence or mature content it entails. Honestly we all love violence, fighting is awesome! Games give us a way to vent that without hurting others. So do sports. Instead of letting kids play M games, just rate the games better! Lol Call of Duty should hands down be T, especially Halo and all those games. Really I understand how people can be afraid of their kids playing such violent games, but if the kid can handle it, then he can handle it. But if he is sitting there cussing and the game is making him angry and violent, then he cant handle it. Really it is just a test and see type of thing.
kitloin says2016-04-15T12:26:43.5376321Z
Hell no! This is NOT how the world is supposed to be! Kids, they are rated T/M for a reason, Several actually! 1) Nudity, 2) frequent violence, 3) drug and tobacco references, the list goes on and on and on! Do you really want your 6 y/o kid to know what tobacco and marijuana is?! Do you want your child to know how violent real life is? Do you want your child seeing nudes?! Of course not! So i say no!
fantasywolfpack says2016-05-14T02:19:30.1684035Z
Only reason i'm voting is cause it dose not you guy are fucking moron my kid play m game and he not killing anyone
puppy2 says2016-05-24T13:37:08.5336941Z
I say they should because many kids are more mature than some older kids. I believe it should be up to their parents to decide when they are allowed to play T/M rated games

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