Should Children Be Out Of School For Winter Vacation and Stay in School For Summer Session?

Posted by: MaggieMae76

Parents are risking their child's health by sending them to school during the winter time. Schools should end summer vacation and begin summer session in Ohio.

Poll closed on 11/14/2013 at 4:00PM.
  • Winter Vacation

  • Summer Vacation

16% 3 votes
84% 16 votes
  • I would hate to be locked in school all summer and have it be cold (relatively speaking) when I am out of school. Now, I live in a subtropical climate, so there are no real cold weather concerns (the average winter day is in the 40s).

  • Kids deserve the break during the summer that they already get and winter break is a lot shorter than winter break

  • Why would someone ever consider keeping us locked up in school during the summer and roam around during the winter. You cant do much in the winter besides stay in your house and watch tv, not to mention it would be freezing out. So being locked up in school durring the summer is just a no go.

  • dis agree they should be out both times everybody needs a break sometimes multiple breaks

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Subutai says2013-10-14T14:08:57.2523100-05:00
I don't like breaks at all, but winter is a lot better than summer to be out.
HammyCheeseWaffles says2016-01-28T14:42:37.8960848Z

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