Should children decide which religion they want to follow?

Posted by: SamStevens

A particular system of faith and worship.

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Children should be able to decide which religion they want to follow.
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It depends

It depends on which religion the child plans on following.
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Children should not be able to choose what religion they want to follow,e.G, indoctrination.
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124275 says2015-02-19T15:33:13.3032378-06:00
I am a young teenager who is quite intelligent but I think that children should be told to follow the religion of their parents and they should look to them for advise. However I don't think that a particular religion should be forced on someone.
Toxifrost says2015-02-19T15:43:39.1590080-06:00
@124275 You state that children should be made to follow their parents religion then you go and say they shouldn't be made to follow any particular religion. Which is it?
TBR says2015-02-19T16:20:47.6229521-06:00
One of the silliest parts of religion. That some how, the "right" God just happens to be the one your parents followed.
TBR says2015-02-19T17:34:13.8188775-06:00
Let me restate this insane question. "Is The ultimate creator and judge of all that is good and evil made true by the judgement of your parents?" Does that Make sense to anyone?
Toxifrost says2015-02-19T17:52:38.5445708-06:00
@TBR I get the question but seeing as I agree with you I feel no responsibility to answer it lol. Also @ Tonius5 Many kids are prevented from practicing other religions by their parents. I myself was forced to go to church for the duration of my childhood despite my lack of belief in god.
Tonius5 says2015-02-20T12:17:23.3216863-06:00
You cannot be prevented from practicing a religion that you believe in. A parent might force you to go to church, however it doesn't make you Christian.
Toxifrost says2015-02-20T12:20:47.3636156-06:00
Tonius you can be prevented. If you choose to be a muslim people can prevent you from worshiping or preying and doing the other religious practices associated with other religions. Or if you are a Christian your parents could forbid you from going to church or from preying ect.
shaancl_716 says2015-02-20T19:30:20.9265684-06:00
I am an atheist who was forced to go to church and no it did not make me a Christian. It made me feel hated. It made me feel like there was something wrong with me. It made me feel like if I sat there more maybe I could change. It made me feel awful. No person should be forced to endure something that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable and being forced to be religious by your parents even if you aren't can be as harmful as forcing your kids to not be gay. It doesn't work and it only causes kids to inflict self harm or just completely shut down.
heil says2015-02-20T22:36:11.8027251-06:00
They mustn't be jewish
PapaNolan says2015-02-22T19:48:37.4508180-06:00
@heil I would be jewish, but my grandfather went through the holocaust, so he was afraid by making his children jews, then the same thing will happen to them.

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