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Nuke them but blame it on themselves

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asta says2018-07-23T21:17:44.8664213Z
Hating China does not justify the country getting nuked.
Debating_Horse says2018-07-25T00:07:34.5076438Z
Now if only China could stop making cheap products, then I would not detest the Chinese industry too much.
asta says2018-07-25T00:08:46.3634222Z
They got slaves. They should get tariffed as punishment.
Debating_Horse says2018-07-25T00:10:23.6428438Z
I agree.
WilsonDebat0r says2018-07-27T00:15:18.1020668Z
@Debating_Horse You PAY for these "cheap products". They MAKE cheap products bc they make the MOST MONEY for them. Its as simple as that, No further explanation needed.
Debating_Horse says2018-07-27T03:15:15.9126085Z
No need to started getting mad now. Plus you don't know me, I buy American, Rarely do I ever buy Chinese made products, Like my MAGA hat.
RRUPLINK says2018-07-29T03:28:19.7909645Z
This is so ignorant lol. “They got slaves, The should get tarried as punishment” wrong in so many levels.
asta says2018-08-06T15:03:49.9339360Z
How so?
Kakeguruixox says2018-08-10T08:38:17.4314983Z
Nothing comes out of nuking China, Or any country for that matter. All you are doing is killing innocent people and not resolving the problem (if there's a problem). Even if you detest the Chinese industry for making cheap products, That's still not a good enough reason. There's honestly no good reason to nuke a country.
PootisBlaster2004 says2018-08-26T17:36:52.9085552Z
Nuking a country won't solve any problems
Almora says2018-10-19T13:30:03.9707686Z
Lets nuke the moon again

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