Should Chris Kyle's wife have demanded the death penalty?

Posted by: Texas14

  • Yes

  • No

71% 10 votes
29% 4 votes
  • Her husband was murdered in cold blood and the guy probably planned it out. That's first degree murder and you should be killed for that no matter if you have PTSD or not. She would've won too. She's in Texas.

  • A life for a life

  • ^^ Said for me

  • Why not? All criminals deserve the death penalty

  • No! 1) We dont let normal individual citizens control sentencing 2) its a tragedy that he died. but that man had a serious mental disorder. he was not in his right mind. 3) Dont critisiz the personal decisions of a grieving widow.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • The guy was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder! He also had schizophrenia which results in hallucination and misunderstanding. I mean sure enough he killed an American hero but he couldn't control his actions!

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TBR says2015-02-25T22:00:36.5077086-06:00
@Stefy said it right.
Stefy says2015-02-25T22:13:50.6572362-06:00
Five it bro ^
shaancl_716 says2015-02-25T23:19:18.2171258-06:00
I don't think he was truly mentally unstable. I think he was using it as a defense.
Stefy says2015-02-26T07:48:38.2023341-06:00
He had severe PTSD and symptoms of schizophrenia that were being diagnosed and investigated before he killed Chris Kyle. And it isnt like he personally is pleading insanity. His lawyer is
TBR says2015-03-01T10:25:14.1406842-06:00
@Bigoted - "Why not? All criminals deserve the death penalty". Yea, that's just wonderful.

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