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Comeatmebruh666 says2017-07-16T11:08:43.4262939Z
@SeventhProfessor You do realize that not all things are about religion. This talk's about whether or not should the parents of a child have the power to have someone mutilate their child, not about whether or not the Jews should be gassed. I mean maybe your religion is close to your heart but if you shove it in everyone's faces, then you can't be exactly surprised when the death camps arrive. However if you aren't a jew then what right do you have to say that, this is an antisemitic poll? Are you an absolute power brought to us by the gods? Are you the prophesied messiah? Or are you just a virtue signaling cunt on the internet? Because to me it seemed like the question wasn't directed at any religions. It was just a question of "Should a particular INVOLUNTARY "surgical" practice be banned or not?"
nivac817 says2017-07-16T11:48:57.5069373Z
Why would anyone be against circumcision? There are people who need to get them for medical reasons? I think the author of this poll meant "Should circumcising children still be a thing?"
Wylted says2017-08-17T02:24:07.6531858Z
This racist poll has been reported
Mharman says2017-08-17T12:24:20.2176490Z
WTF Wylted.

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