• Should college athletes get paid yes

  • Should college athletes get paid no

72% 36 votes
28% 14 votes
  • They should they work really hard playing and what do they get back for it nothing so they should start geting paid.

    Posted by: lola55
  • In the form of an education: the school makes money off of them, the least they can do is give the starters free rides, and give scholarships to the backups and training squads.

  • Because they can raise money for Charity

  • I think they should get paid because they work hard for what they love

  • I believe we should pay college athletes because it helps the ones who have college debt and play sports so it could help them so they can py it off

  • College athletes should be paid because... 1)they represent their school 2) if they are getting paid it will encourge other high schoolers to go to college to play a sport 3)they work just as hard as anyone else who does get paid 4)they spend 40-60 hours a week on that sport

  • Yes, they should be paid. The schools are racking massive numbers of money and keeping it for themselves. The schools are running out of ways to spend these millions of dollars. You wouldn't have to pay everyone either, you'd pay the players who make money for the university.

  • College athetes should be paid for this resons. College athletes should be paid because of the amout of mney they bring in to their schools. According to the NCAA college athletes bring in around $1 Trillion every year. It is estimated that each athlete that plays for a major conference in basketball or football each brings in at least $200,000. Let't think about this for a minute. Your Pac 12 secnd string kicker gets credit for bringing in $200,000. How much do people pay to actually see that athlete? $0. How much do you think people pay to watch a Duke vs. North Carolina basketball game? Much more. It is estimated that over $10 million are made in this game every year. And you want to say that these athletes shouldn't get money? I think each athlete should be paid because of this. You don't neccesarilly need to give them money, but you should give them free meals, gas, and any other expenses they need because of how much money they generate to their college and the NCAA.

  • they should because they are playing for the school they didn't have to they want to

  • no it is not a job they will have to wait for money

  • If the college athletes wishes to be paid they should go a totally different route. When you compare the amount of money an athlete who receives towards their college tuition with that of a salary of a minor league baseball player, the deference in many cases is marginal.

  • They are already getting their schooling paid, so why get extra money.

  • No, they should not get paid because they already get all their classes, housing, food, etc paid for because they are good at football. Why should they get paid money on top of all that?

  • They are already getting free education, also, it would not be fair because a lot of people are having to pay for their education and still paying it off at the age of 40.

  • college athletes should not be paid because, in some ways, they are already payed. They're already payed in tuition,room,food,books,etc. which they get for free. they also receive free professional coaching and experience if they do go to the pro's.

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Mister_Man says2015-09-25T16:43:12.1092433Z
If they generate some kind of profit through advertisement, or arena/merchandise sales, then absolutely, they should be paid a percentage, based on their overall performance. However if no money is to be made by the arena, then no. But if they play well enough, some kind of grant or scholarship or something should be awarded so they have a shot at playing in the professional leagues.
TBR says2015-09-25T18:58:23.8786464Z
They should separate the team from the academe part of the institution. That is, what were loosely called "students" should become employees of a company owned and run by the university. If said employees want to go to school at the same time, they may apply like any other student, and pay tuition out of their salary.
Renegader says2015-09-27T20:29:23.5538156Z
^ TBR nailed it
Frankthetank5 says2015-10-05T00:38:29.6103252Z
Thank you for all the info because you guys are helping me with my class sa.
mariana0928 says2015-12-11T19:25:09.6929876Z
I think they should get paid because they play amateur football and they go all around the states playing with different colleges
that_baller_322 says2016-01-13T18:18:15.1942515Z
I'm going with they should get money
Purple_Platypus says2016-03-18T15:06:14.1698209Z
They should be paid because i say so

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