• Yes

  • No

38% 6 votes
62% 10 votes
  • Education is a right

  • It would be nice to not have to pay for it since most jobs require a college diploma now.

  • To be well educated is a goal that many of the rich and well off don't fully understand it's difficulty of reaching for the poor, and the majority of the middle class. For example, I am a young person, who has just graduated high school with A's and maybe one or two B's. And because, I am not from a rich family with good connections, nor did I graduate from a school with good recognition, I may not even get into college, and even if I do, I'll have to try to pay my student loan debs, this would be horrible for me, being as I'm all ready on a $1.00 a day and left overs from my parents (If their are any) for food budget. that's all I can afford. I want to go to college, more than anything, but in the position I'm in I can't. If Senator Sanders can win the presidential race and make college free for those who are willing to work for it, I think that he can help the people who will come after me to get the jobs that they want, so that they can fulfil their dreams and become the most productive members of society that they can be, I am all for that... because looking at the way things are now, I'm not sure if any of my dreams will ever have a chance of coming true, so I want the people after me to have a better chance of theirs fulfilled.

  • Only for public colleges. Private colleges should have a tuition but the current outrageous amounts should not be allowed.

    Posted by: benhos
  • No. College should not be free. I believe that workers should be paid and that slavery should be abolished. However, I am okay with a free college if their workforce (teachers/staff/etc) is there voluntarily. || If on the other hand you did not actually mean "free", but paid for through taxes, my answer is still No. I don't believe it's the federal government's job to provide education. || Oh and education is not a right.

  • Nothing is free. Anything you get for free will be worthless.

  • Free? No... I don't believe it works. Especially when people attend and don't take it seriously (since there's no loss). Subsidized? Could work possibly, but still has the socialist issue and still exceeds the role of government. At least it could be regulated better so it's not stuffed with propaganda, commercial crap (like Microsoft forcing its software into every computer course), and excessive prices. I think the issue of poor education is more about debt slavery and other issues preventing people from getting into college when they really would work hard at it if given a financial chance. If other things weren't so corrupt, people could plan better and afford it easily.

  • "Free college" might provoke a burden for DIFFERENT countries, depends which country you're specifically talking about. However, overall I think that colleges should not be free of charge. One of the apparent reasons, which is by paying a fee, it would actually incentivise THREE stakeholders: "Students, teachers and parents". Firstly, it incentivises students because their parents actually paid for their education, so students as a result will put in more effort and try their best to not waste their parents' spendings. Without the parents paying for their education, students will not find the importance of schooling and hence but less attentive during schooltime. Secondly, it incentivises parents because they are the ones spending on education for the sake of their kids' future. So, they would tend to take more decisive acts such as signing up more tutorial classes or extra-curricular activities for their kids. This would greatly supplement to student's performance in academia. Lastly, it incentivises teachers because they are actually being paid for a higher wage. As a result, teaches will tend to put in more effort including "Quality" and "Quantity". They will be more willing to prepare more teaching materials for the students and convey more information to kids. In a nutshell, at first glance people may think that PAYING FOR EDUCATION is a bad idea, but if we really look closely, by paying for educaition, you actually get MORE out of it.

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